Don’t be fooled, bro!! Your lady isn’t a fan of the messy look

Hey you, you probably think those pants are cool because you are home and she’s coming over?

Photo By: Adrian Mcdonald

Please, don’t be fooled bro, you see how your lady drools over male model photos online? Take a cue and change that look. Sorry to burst that bubble, she might like you for you but will appreciate some clean tight undies and some nice casual shorts or sweatpants when you hang out together at home.

Don’t be that man that gets too comfortable with his pants with holes and yellow armpit faded vests. It’s time to change that wardrobe and get that strong man who knows himself look.

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You are no longer living alone or with your brothers. Imagine how you get excited seeing your lady clean and looking ready and cute for you, exhilarating right?

Whoever started the damning rumour about women loving that sweaty smell some guys have in their rooms and on their bedsheets really needs some teaching on what women like, women love their men freshened up and smelling like attraction, a sweaty smell is nothing synonymous to a masculine smell, get that mild yet strong perfume that makes a statement, it does not have to cost a 60k.

Photo By: D Juice

Before you go saying women love to play boys, why don’t you put in effort to look and smell fantastic like they usually do, maybe that girl will finally notice you and take that decision to get to know you.

Don’t be fooled dearies, appearances do count, and it’s a woman’s magnet. They smell you through your clean photos, smelling all yummy like fresh hundred dollar bills.

Get your woman staring at movie dates, get her off your back on match days, she’ll just sit back admiring the clean you asking herself how she landed the real deal, you never know, the game might have that happy ending.

Photo By: Adrian Mcdonald

So before you put on those pants with holes at the bottom or wear that one house shorts or sweatpant or that faded shorts folded at the waist because you do not have some Calvin Klein undies on, picture your woman wearing one big white grandma dross with big holes every day, imagine she smells like your sweaty pants hanging cramped on that wooden rack, you wouldn’t want any of that, would you?

Don’t be miserly, put that plan in your budget, be the best you can be, feel good, have your lady and the other ladies drooling over you.





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