20 “efa wo ho b3n?” tweets on Ghana Twitter that are funny and relatable at the same time


Ghanaian Twitter shows you the things that don’t really concern you.

There’s always something funny going on on the Ghana Twitter TL. This week, #efa wo Ho b3n?” was trending.  Here’s why. 

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Some people took it upon themselves to be the judge and jury on what a specific group of people can or cannot do because it’s not their lane. 

Check out these funny tweets brought to you kind courtesy of Ghana Twitter.  

1.  Y’all better leave Android users alone!😂😂

2. Efa wo Ho b3n?😂

 3. Nobody is ever left out of the banter

4. Mary, they’re asking you please 

5. Ah weak

6. Y’all be wilding😂

7. The Ewes must come see this 

8.Who said it?😂

9.You people just want trouble!

10.Again, let android users be😂

11.They said the fact that it comes in the phone box doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. 

12.This CIAO filter has suffered 

13. Augusco boys? This you?

14. We agree with this post with another shisha pipe

15. Oh no😂😂

16. Lol!! This is racism and elitism combined

17.Wow!  Just wow

18.  😂😂😂😂😂

19. They’re not wrong😂

20.  Find this Aboboyaa driver and protect him, please. Ultimate customer satisfaction 😂

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