Yvonne Okoro doesn’t look a day beyond 18 in these 6 photos


This is Yvonne Chinyere Okoro.

She is an award-winning Ghanaian-Nigerian actress and these days the host of “Cooks and Braggarts”.

Aside being all these things, she is also a fashionista who has an appreciable sense of style. The birthday girl who was born on the 25th of November, 1984 is never one to be caught on and off camera looking terrible.

Her carefully selected looks are just to die for and one that sends social media going crazy; proof that she’s a badass influencer. Yvonne who has been on the silver screens continues to look evergreen anytime we set our eyes on her

Check out the 5 times she looked like an 18-year-old.

1. She dropped this on her birthday

2. And this other gorgeous one

3. She doesn’t look a day older than 18

4.Real Gorgeousness

4. Her future is so bright she got to wear glasses

5. Glow girl glow!!!

6. We love this dress of many colours




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