10 Questions with Nigerian artist and filmmaker Amarachi Nwosu

On this week’s episode of 10 Questions with a creative, we speak to talented filmmaker and photographer, Amarachi Nwosu.

Amarachi’s groundbreaking documentary on the black experience in Tokyo coupled with with some amazing work done for Mr. Eazi, Kwesi Arthur, Highsnobiety, The Fader and many others have made her a sought-after name in the creative industry all over the world.

Check out our funny yet riveting interview with her below.

1. In three adjectives describe Amarachi

AN: Fearless,Creative, Storyteller

2. What inspired the creation of Melanin Unscripted? 

AN: I was inspired by not seeing enough diverse narratives on characters of color in mainstream media. After a while I got tired of complaining so I made the conscious decision to fill that gap both behind and infront of the camera. Whether it’s our documentary projects, events or Agency work, it’s about bringing a diverse group of creatives together to create authentic storytelling.

3. How does your tweets going viral every time make you feel??

AN: I’m grateful that my quotes are able to have an impact because most of them were written because I too also needed them. It’s a reminder that words, energy and intention are powerful and can help shape people’s lives. 

4. Favorite musical band of the moment?

AN: Bands specifically? Hmm. I actually really admire bands from the past like “Bob Marley and the Wailers or Fela and Koola Lobitos, but currently love contemporary bands like Phony Ppl and The XX.

5. Is it ok to sacrifice one life to save ten? 

(if the answer is yes, what if that one life is your friend’s and the ten were strangers, would you change your answer?)

AN: I would prefer not to answer this because you never really know until your in that position to choose and have no other option. – However I do think that there are people in the world that have such a huge impact that their death could have a ripple effect that has more detrimental effects than 10 people passing, but every life is ultimately valuable.

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6. What do you think is the most overrated and underrated trend of the moment?

AN: Overrated (Clout Bait) – People who do things for attention but use that attention towards nothing valuable, not even for themselves. 

Underrated: Self care – A lot of people talk about self care on the internet, but I feel like we should celebrate the people who embody it and use their platform to help others online and offline.

7. What’s the most intriguing story of a black living in the Diaspora you have heard while doing your MU series?

AN:A friend of mine named Sam Okyere is a black actor from Ghana in Korea and his story always amazes me. He turned a college scholarship into a successful entertainment career in Asia and he is a business man at a young age and has built schools in Ghana. That’s truly global impact and it still blows my mind just thinking about it. That to me is what I call making History.

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8. Shag, marry, kill? (Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Michael B. Jordan.

AN: Shag – Michael B. JordanMarry – Idris Elba I wouldn’t kill anybody lol 

9. What is or will be the “ultimate” gig for you?

I want to have a show on Netflix. I already have a brilliant idea, just waiting for the right ear to listen.

10. Where’s your favorite locations to shoot in Africa?

AN: Cape Coast has been my favourite by far, but i am excited for my work to take me to new places. I would love to shoot in Egypt, Kenya and parts of South Africa. So many places I would love to explore. Africa has so much diverse beauty and as Africans we need to explore that more.





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