Our Inspirational Man of the Week is Ghana’s Best Wedding Planner, Bryan Tachie-Menson of White Chalk


Creative Lead at White Chalk, Bryan Tachie-Menson who snagged the best wedding planner at the recently organised G.E.I.C awards and gala is a young man who has the world as his oyster.

“Iconic” aptly describes Bryan’s stellar career and his aesthetics as a wedding planner in the saturated wedding industry.

The proud MOBA and alumnus of the University of Ghana has a CV which is fully packed with the most exciting and high-profile events in Ghana and across the continent.

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A highly inspirational figure who believes in teamwork and creating experiences that linger on, Tachie-Menson says he is now beginning.

Even with top awards and speaking appointments including Best coordinator of the year by the Events Industry in Ghana, a speaker at The Event Experience Africa (TEXA)2019 and School of Planners UK virtual event in 2020, the latest award is an accolade he finds truly humbling and gratifying.

Even in a year that has been plagued with viruses, social distancing and colossal damages to business all over the world, WHITE CHALK has stood tall in the wedding planning industry and is constantly running to the bank.

We spoke to the “Big Boy” in the business with a dyed beard and a penchant for creating momentous events on how he gets it done.

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Enjoy the read!!1

How do you feel about being named as “Ghana’s Best wedding planner 2020” ??

Well, I must say first thanks to God. It’s an honour and a privilege to be named as Best Wedding Planner in Ghana amongst all these consummate professionals.

2020 has been ‘that year’  but White Chalk continues to stay on top. What’s the secret ?? 

First of all, We are God’s workmanship. As team lead, I am very positive, a trait I have tried to instill with all the team mates. Also, I have made my team understand that every job is as important as the last one.

Can you tell us how it began for you as a wedding planner and the challenges so far? 

I really didn’t start out to be a wedding planner. The plan was to go into events but somewhere along the line I fell in love with weddings and it’s been a smooth journey. The sail has been good.  There haven’t been a lot of challenges. I see challenges as a learning process. Maybe the only 

You’re a male in a highly dominated female profession which was also not considered as a traditional career path for so long. How did your family take your announcement to be a planner?

I always ask myself who terms what is a male-dominated industry and a female-dominated industry?? I come from a very supportive family and my family is very liberal as far as the job is a legal source of income.  I have always been one person who always wanted to defy the norms. I am unconventional. It has not been a bother but the only thing was I had friends who made silly remarks but guess who is laughing now.

Bryan gives an acceptance speech at the GEIC Awards

5 important things you have learnt this year as a wedding planner ??

Do not put your eggs in one basket.

Do not put your faith in an individual. Put your faith in the goal.

You are good as your last job.

Be supportive. Support other industry players. Don’t be afraid to teach. Your light does not dim when you light other people’s candles.

Work hard. I am a firm believer in working hard as long as it makes you happy and income.

Don’t be complacent.  Always remind yourself every morning that you are like a startup and once you have decided to do a job, do it like it was your last.

3 people who inspire you 

A lot of people have inspired me in the past. Currently, the three people who inspire are three of my fantastic friends. I call them the ‘Market Boys’. Kweku Zee from Ripple Effect, Paa Kwesi from Focus N Blur, DJ Adom of Expo Entertainment. They don’t know this but they really inspire me. Every time I see the work they do, I tell myself that I can do any less because they believe in what they do and are going places.

Top advice to any potential white chalk bride and groom??

Once you believe in the planner, just leave everything to them. do not micromanage them. Once you have paid for the service, just have faith and treat them well.

You’re noted for weddings. Any other fields of expertise??

I like Television, I love stage plays and it is something that I am looking at. I have other companies including the Magicals, we are ventiuring into stage plays. There are others that I do not want to go into.

Thank you for speaking to us and congratulations once again. You own the bragging rights.

Bryan: Hahaha… Thanks for having me

*WHITECHALK THE PLANNER is a total planning, coordinating and organizing company which focuses on weddings, dinners, parties, anniversaries, etc.

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