14 Men that prove Adam was created in Ghana

When reading the bible which the white man brought to us, we are given images of famous biblical personalities such as Adam as Caucasian a man with light skin, but is this the case?

Seeing the way God has crafted the black men with perfect features and a drop of that good stuff “Melanin” you begin to take a second guess if Adam was indeed white.

Ghana can boost of having some of the finest men the world has ever seen and these 14 Gentlemen go on to make a strong case as to why it is possible that Adam might have been created right here in the Motherland.

Check them out:

1.Chris Attoh

This tall class of extra dark cacao is a Ghanaian actor and TV Personality. Remember when she was every young Ghanaian girls crash right?? Now he’s taken and taken for good. (Rolls eyes)

2. John Dumelo

Possibly the poster boy of the Ghanaian movie industry, New Dad JD is a gorgeous man. And he’ll make a hella of fine President one day

3. Jonathan Mensah

Name a much finer footballer than Jonathan. We’ll wait.

4. Benny Blanco

No Words…. Just stare and keep staring ….

5. Nana Kwame Bediako

Nana Kwame Bediako aka Chedda not only has the looks but has got the brains to match.

6. John Mahama

Listed among the top 20 most Handsome Head of States.

7. Majid Michel

Black Jesus

8.Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojo’s career is made up of 50% music 50% looks. Go argue in the comments section

9. Joey B

Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin is a stunning man. Who is his girl anyways?? She’s one lucky babe

10. Kelvin Prince Boateng

Do you know our very own Crush, Rihanna is crushing on K.P Boateng and he’s single too so vibe. We are for our very own Ghana baby via these two

11. Justin Spio

A true definition of Adam.

12. Jake O. Bediako

Young, Handsome and Intelligent. Guess what ladies he’s God-fearing too and Ghana’s Diaspora Youth Ambassador (Full package)

13. Sam Okyere

Korea’s most popular melanin man.

14. Kofi Siriboe

Let’s just drool.





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