Every bride needs to know these do’s and don’ts about their wedding hair


A lot of important details goes into styling a bride for her big day to make her feel beautiful and happy including her dress, the makeup, and also hair.

Every bride wants to have the perfect day and not a strand out of place when it comes to their bridal hair, so she has to get one that makes her completely happy.

According to Wedding Chaos, many brides want something completely different from their usual hairstyle on their wedding day to make them stand out from the crowd, but you should remember that a bride already stands out as the most important figure on the day. 

They also point out that: she is the one everyone will be looking at when she walks down the aisle, the one guests will smile at during the groom’s speech when he makes reference to “his wife” so it is vital not to have something too radical on your head which could make you stand out for the wrong reason.

A bride should begin thinking about what type of style she would like when she is looking around for wedding dresses. 

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Accessories with that perfect dress include the flowers, jewellery and shoes and any headdress items with the perfect hairstyle obviously needs to match, co-ordinate and blend in with. 

Most tiaras, for instance, are worn when the bride has their hair styled up or swept over and a lot of veils require something to ‘grab’ onto in the hair so an upward style hairstyle would be far more practical for these.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts you need to keep in mind for your bridal hair.

Do: Try the hair before the big day.

As part of planning for your big day, every bride must try their hair before the big day. Don’t keep it in the box until the big day when they might be issues with it.

Don’t: Decide on major hair changes a week or two before the day

We know some of you love to be spontaneous or bridezillas but do not make a major hair decision a week or two before the wedding. If you want a specific style or hair extensions, make up your mind on time. This also applies to plans of chopping your hair or going natural for the day. It will afford you the opportunity to take them out if you don’t like them.

Do: Buy your wedding gown before you choose your hairstyle

Your hair should complement your dress and not vice versa. Select the gown, make adjustments and then get your hair fixed.

Do: Listen to your bridal team, but also listen to yourself

You should have an open ear for diverse opinions on a style that will look good on you but if you’re not feeling it inwardly, don’t do it. Pick a style that makes you comfortable. The aim is to be happy on your day

Don’t Do anything drastic or outside your comfort zone

You don’t have to do overly dramatic. Once again the goal is to look pretty and happy.

Do: Take photos as you make progress

Photos will serve as a good memory bank and a source of reference. You can’t always remember a vendor or a style you saw somewhere so take photos, screenshot styles and create a mood board. Take photos during the preliminary style sessions to make sure you love it.

Do: If the neckline is detailed maybe consider an updo

Some outfit might have a pretty exciting neckline filled with so much detail. In such a situation, opt for a classic updo so that the hair doesn’t cover the detail.

Don’t: Forget to communicate your choice of hair to your bridal party

Do not keep your choice of hairstyle a secret from your bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law. You need to know about their hairstyles to ensure they are not planning the same hairdo as you. It’s your day and we don’t anyone looking like you.

Don’t: underestimate the power of hair accessories but don’t overdo it.

We recommend that you add some stunning hair accessories or headpieces to your beautiful bridal hair.

Do: Explore hairstylists before settling on a specific stylist

You should consider exploring and visiting different hairstylist and hair vendors for a second opinion your look or if it is possible to try a different style.



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