4 Genius styling hacks that make your outfit look chic:Women’s Edition


You don´t need to break your pocket by buying designer clothes and accessories in order to look fashionable.

Even though having no spending limit can get you some of the best-looking outfits money can buy, there are a couple of style tips that every woman needs to know.

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Don’t go spending money on expensive clothes that will gather dust in your closet after one wear. Welcome to Look Chic on a budget 101.

Try these hacks to instantly up your look. And guess what? You probably already have everything you need for these hacks:

Go one size up

For blazers, high-waisted jeans and T-shirts, get them one size bigger than you normally wear. they allow for more movement and air circulation, which means that, in many situations, they’re a lot more comfortable than their closely fitted counterparts. Bonus points for the slouchy and chic looks they serve.

Heel it

If you are going somewhere fancy, heels can take your jeans and crop top from basic to classic. They are extremely cute and will make you look super sophisticated and classy, and are also perfect for any party or formal event.


Chip in a belt on your favorite pants or jeans or even your oversized blazer, shirt or dress. Belts do not get the credit they deserve. Even though they look a bit boring, pair it with a cute jeans and they make the chic-est of outfits. People might even think you spent so much money on it.

Go for monotone outfits.

Colors that match look aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetically pleasing outfits automatically look luxe. Wearing different shades of the same color just has that rich aunty vibe to it. We recommend blues, greens and nude colors.



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