The definitive guide to achieving that dream life and body

The Christmas season is approaching and I am guessing most of you have already embarked on your daily workouts for that dream body.

Ulisses and Sarah Ulisses

It is not easy, I know because I am trying, work harder, you can do it.

It is time to start counting those food calories and try so hard to not smell that spicy meat sizzling in the oil with some chips.

Why do forbidden foods taste sweetest? The journey to lose some weight is not easy.

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To all my big people out there, I feel you and your frustration when you get the “you’re not trying hard enough” look.  I know you work hard, it’s just HARD LOSING THAN GAINING!

Check out these tips to help with your journey to the dream life and body. And hey, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve your set goal, take those little steps, you will get there.

1. Mental preparation

Joselyn Dumas

Mentally prepare for your journey, it’s not easy as ABC, be realistic in setting goals and make a commitment. Talk to friends and family about your set journey, you will definitely earn the support of those who truly care. For those killjoys who will try to make fun of you, keep it in mind that they are not worth your thoughts and shove their response in the gutters. Be mentally strong, you will need your mental strength in this period.

  2.    Lose that weight for you.

Actress and Host, Joselyn Dumas on her weight loss journey

Are you ready? Start your journey for you. Don’t do it because your sweet one told you to. You are beautiful as you and no one has the right to demand you change yourself for them.

They can tell you to opt for healthy choices to keep safe, this does not give them rights to determine what size you should be.

Embark on this journey at your own pace, love your body and each progress you make. You will never leave you.

 3. Eat regular meals

Sermira Adams and Luca JoJo

Don’t starve yourself because you hate how you look. Skipping meals do not make you lose weight. Imagine fasting for forty days only to return to the junk you rid your body of.

Unless you are trying to starve forever (which is a death sentence), I suggest you pack up all the essential nutrients your body needs.

Find a regular time for each meal, this can help reduce your snack urges. Start loving the fruits and vegetables and remember to hydrate regularly, don’t confuse thirst with hunger, ditch the sodas and reach for pure water.

4. Count those calories

Source: @throbandt

 You might think it does not help, trust me it does. You see that pack of butter crackers you consume at a sitting, did you know a serving (4 pieces) is 160 calories? Now you do.

The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000. To lose weight, at least 1,500 calories is needed. Don’t ban foods, this will only increase cravings, enjoy yourself but make sure you’re within your daily calorie allowance.

Eat-in small portions, get a smaller plate and always eat slowly.

5. Get active


Find an activity you enjoy and get busy. You can finally take up that dance class or swimming lessons. Lose that weight with some fun, shake that body and feel in control. You will lose that fat, gain a new love and improve your health.

Now for those who want to put on that flesh (which I suggest you do not. I was there and now I regret, just look for my address and come stay with my mum, she has done well raising five kids flesh thick. I am kidding, lol. You can still try though, hahaha).

Don’t go in too hard, I’m sure you don’t want to let go of that flat tummy in a crop top. I am not kidding when I say IT’S HARDER TO LOSE THE WEIGHT THAN TO GAIN!





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