4 things you should do more regularly than you do.


The tables we would be shaking with this post!!!

  But that is why we are here, to serve you the truth even though it might not be as pleasant as you hope. This post is meant to draw attention to the things we should do more often than we actually do; due to our busy schedules and tendency to forget. We promise to put it as nicely as we possibly can.

Change your toothbrush

Health experts advice every human must change their toothbrush every three months. Time flies by quickly and before you know it, it is the 8th month of the year and you are still using the same brush you purchased first quarter of the year. My brother my sister, this is a Public Service  Announcement. You aren’t feeling those occasional jabs in your gum for nothing. CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH!


The worms in your tummy are probably having a #hotwormsummer and family reunion with great grandma Wormy at the head table considering you do not remember the last time you dewormed. According to health experts, humans and animals- yes, that includes your pets-must deworm every three months at least, to get rid of the worms that are naturally existent in the human body.

Wash your makeup brushes

Wondering why you just cannot get rid of that constantly recurring rash on particular parts of your face? It’s probably because you developed a skin irritation. This skin irritation is likely caused by an overload of bacteria from the use of makeup brushes that do not know water exists. As much as you cleanse your face and have a skincare routine to rival Cleopatra’s, using dirty makeup brushes in makeup application is like sweeping a clean room with a dirty broom. Make it a habit wash and dry your makeup applicators as often as possible.            

Change your bath sponge

Are you trying to figure out what the original colour of your bath sponge is? It is probably because your sponge has seen you through senior high school, University and this adulting phase. At this point, it is no longer a sponge, but a family as it is closer to you than a brother (pun intended). Health experts recommend changing a bath sponge as regularly as every six to eight weeks. Well, we hate to break it to you but it is time to cut ties with Mr. Spongey. Period!

We told you we would be nice. Hope we didn’t hurt your feelings? And to think there’s more to this. Yes, you read right. Watch out for part two of this post. While you wait, kindly do the needful, would you?



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