5 Healthy food options you should try during the Christmas festivities

It’s all fun and joy when you eat everything during the holidays till it’s all over and your favourite jeans do not fit.

Do you know Christmas season is the best time to forget yourself and eat bad till you gain those pounds you tried so hard shedding? 

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Its either you lose some pounds now in preparation for all your unhealthy choices during Christmas or you look for healthier options and keep that body forever banging.

Why don’t you try switching to healthy food options that equally taste great?

1. Fruits instead of processed drinks.

It’s normal to see processed drinks everywhere during the Christmas holidays. From office giveaways and visits from friends and when you hang out. Instead of the usual coca cola or beer, why don’t you opt for freshly squeezed juice or a whole fruit? Trust me, they taste incredible and will leave you filled with a low calorie count.

2. Eggs and chicken breast


Another healthy food options are eggs. Eggs are safe and healthy, chicken breasts are low in fat and calories. These are great nutrient sources and will do your body good. Rather than opt for that deep fried coated chicken, think of that crop top or pants you love so much and go for a healthier choice.

3. Stay away from a Ghanaian salad

Trust me, there is nothing as poisonous as a Ghanaian salad. From the mayonnaise, eggs, minced beef chunks, sardines and baked beans to your heavy white bread loaf, really?

Then you say you don’t know why you gained some pounds because you only ate a salad, TRAGIC!

You can try your salads with nuts, almonds and olive dressings and some Ezekiel bread. These options are healthy and loaded with enough nutrients. 

4. Dark chocolate

Credit: 57 Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the healthiest and is equally delicious. It’s loaded with fiber and magnesium and is a powerful source of antioxidants. I know you love your milk and caramel filled chocolate and can’t wait to eat all the Christmas candy. Think of that shirt you really love, think of the nutrients when you choose dark chocolates, be a darling and choose right.

5. Oat meal cookies 

Compared to chocolate and sugar cookies, the oatmeal cookie has fewer calories and contains less fat. It is enriched in fiber and calcium. You can make them at home and throw in some chunks of dark chocolate. You can make it more nutritious by reducing the sugar and substituting white flour for whole wheat flour.

Enjoy the holidays and try hard to enjoy a healthy life, it’s not easy, I know.





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