5 photos of Hamamat Montia which are solid proof that she is an African girl sharing her culture with the world


Entrepreneur and former beauty queen, Hamamat Montia is celebrating her new age as she clocks 32 today, the 22nd of July, 2020.

Montia who won the Miss Malaika pageant in 2006 at the age of 18 shared a fresh photo of herself in her village to mark the day.

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In her caption on Instagram, she expressed her aim in sharing her culture to the world.

“I am just an African village girl sharing my culture with the world “
Another day
Another year
Another chapter
I celebrate my body
Happy Tuesday #KingsandQueens :
Today is a special day for me
I love my body
Happy birthday
I celebrate you for being strong, soft and beautiful
– just like #Sheabutter.
I am grateful for it all and open for the next.
All praise to the most High
Skin @hamamatafricanbeauty
Earrings @adeledejak 💕

the skin care guru wrote.

Hamamat Montia since settling in Ghana with her two daughters after her divorce has gone into the production of shea butter, oils and natural essentials under the Hamamat African beauty range as well as the Shea Butter village.

A proud Northern girl and Pan-Africanist, she is relentless in sharing African culture and information to the world.

Here are 5 times she was the quintessential African village girl and rocked it well.

1. When Hamamat Montia fused the village life with technology

2. Serving good music

3. Naturally sourced food products from the village are healthier

4. Fashion and style at the Village

5. Relaxation is also key here

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