7 videos on Youtube you should be watching this weekend

This week I discovered the world of Youtube videos and its amazing content. Yes!!! Shame on me for now realizing that such a gem literally existed on the internet and I was too lazy to figure it out.

Truthfully, I’ve known Youtube since its founders first came on one of Oprah Winfrey’s talk show years ago.

However, I really haven’t had time to use the video streaming platform as a source of entertainment because of bad internet across Ghana (hopefully all the 4G noise we are hearing will solve the issue).

 I stumbled on a wide array of Ghanaian and African made content that got me wriggling in my seats for minutes. From conspiracy theories about who killed Anokye Supremo (a local musician) to hot gossip about politicians and who they sleep with, mini-series, adventure videos, talk shows, dance routines and makeup tutorials, it’s really the textbook definition of “Netflix and Chill” or more like “Youtube and Chill”.

 So, without boring you guys any more than I already have, here’s a list of Youtube videos or channels that will make your weekend a delight.

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Skinny Girl in Transit

Filled with comedy, wit and everyday sass, the Nigerian webseries was created by Temilola Akinmuda for GT Bank’s Ndani TV. Currently in it’s fifth season, the series tells the story of a young Nigerian woman and her efforts to shred excess weight. Aside her weight loss issues, she has to deal with a dramatic African mother and a pretty slim but shallow sister, played by Sharon Ojo. The Season 5 finale raked over 400k views and it’s definitely the kind of show you’ll love to binge watch.

The Delay Show

Popular TV Host, Deloris Frimpong-Manso’s Delay show is one of the first channels you find when you log on to Youtube. Known as a firebrand presenter who holds no prisoners when interviewing her controversial guest, the show racks between 150k to 1 million views depending on the personality involved. On this week’s episode which also airs on local TV, viewers get the opportunity to watch what is considered as one of her toughest interviews with Evangelist Papa Shee. This will definitely get the Entertainment blogs talking for a pretty long time.

Travels Ghana

In all honesty, this was the show that got me lurking on Youtube this weekend. The Travels Ghana channel is unlike anything I’ve seen on the Video streaming platform. The Vlog features a group of
adventure junkie friends both male and female (Balance for Better) touring the most exciting places in Ghana and by Ghana we don’t mean Accra. Its aim is to showcase the beauty of the motherland through captivating visuals and educate folks on how to get there for less. I love their video quality and you can see that proper work went into the creation of their videos (If it must be done, it must be done well). Also, there are so many activities they do on their getaway which doesn’t render the video boring and annoying. My inner tourist is literally stuck on this channel until I get cash to travel Ghana too. This week the team made a trip to Ghana’s highest Mountain, Afadjato in the Volta region and it almost led to the death of some members. Adrenalin pumping right?? Check it out.

Quick tip: If you’re planning on going there make sure your driver is familiar with the road. will save you a lot of hours on the road. Also, carry along first aid kit and banku just in case . And do well to stretch properly before and after. you’ll need it.

Mcbrown’s Kitchen

As the name suggests, Mcbrown Kitchen is the flagship cooking show for new mum, iconic Ghanaian actress and comedian, Nana Ama Mcbrown. The humorous and talented Nana Ama invites celebrity guests into her kitchen where they cook, gossip, tease each other and clear the air on several issues pertaining to their brand. The foods are mainly Ghanaian and from her commentary alone, you can deduce that they’re as mouthwatering as it looks. Check out the Moesha Boudong interview, it’s really a personal favorite.

Maxwell Jennings

If you’re a hopeless romantic and a lover of fairy tale weddings then this is the right channel for you. Wedding Photographer and Videographer, Maxwell Jennings unleashes his creativity in a poignant style for his videos. The love and synergy in the videos will make you share a tear or two. Love is sweet oooo.


Kiki and Jay

You’re probably living under a rock or something if you haven’t heard of famous Vlogging couple, Kiki and Jay (I don’t who is the male and female so don’t ask) But they have some pretty wicked and amazing content on their Vlog. They’re also loved and hated in equal measure for putting their love out there. You should rummage through the comment section if the videos get boring at some point. It’s really good for humour therapy. Check out their mini baecation and get jealous some more. After all no one begged you to be a gnasher.


Taste Tales

Looking for food reviews and exciting content related to food?? Check out Taste Tales. The award winning food experience and blogging company has some really rib-cracking videos on food. They’re currently rolling out a show called chop box where alumni from different high schools teach viewers how to make some of the popular food combinations in their alma mater (Why didn’t Mel and I think of this?? Yarns of creativity!!!!)

Off The Top

Joseph Nti’s Off The Top series is what we call riveting, titillating, spellbinding, kinetic and grossing(Wait!!! aren’t they all like the same words?) You get it anyways. The series centers around some of Accra’s socialites and social media influencers with their different personalities in their comfortable spaces answering riddles, trivia, idioms and many more. What makes it fun is the ridiculous answers from the guys in the couch and how they’re nonchalant about their ignorance. (Don’t worry I’m not judging you, I also don’t know half of the answers) I personally know a couple of friends who organize watch parties for “Off the top”. You can join them when the new episodes are uploaded but till then check out these old ones.

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