8 skills that can guarantee work for the Ghanaian studying abroad

Isn’t it such a beautiful modern global-village world we live in? One day you’re chewing Kofi Brokeman and printing CVs with your last coins and then one year later, after a rigorous application process, you are traipsing through the streets of Saskatchewan on your way to your General Management MBA class.

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*Chortling while mass mailing my undergraduate certificate to universities abroad*. We love the opportunities for higher learning.

However, once you get to go out of this country you have to consider how to make bread. Particularly if you are looking to not only learn while there but also make money enough to establish yourself.

Here are some 8 skills that are guaranteed to get you making enough bank to not only save but also World Remit to contribute to the continued growth and development of what? Your family!


Private Tutorship

If you find yourself studying in any of the Asiatic countries such as Singapore, South Korea and China, private tutorship in English will definitely serve you well. Learning English as a second language is very on-demand in these countries. Plus it is great barter no? You learn not only from their schools but also their culture and language while also imparting knowledge.



I kid you not, grooming is very much in need overseas. Specifically in diaspora communities in the West where barbers charge practically an arm and a leg just to make you look slick enough to show off on the gram. Learning how to crop a sharp fade and get that orthogonal hairline will have a leprechaun envying your account balance.



Did you ever just watch Mario and Luigi plunge all those pipes and think I could get these gold coins far better than them? Well, you just could. Plumbing services are a good way to make money on the side while studying abroad.


Basket Weaving

I know what you’re thinking? Really, baskets? Yes, baskets! Baskets are very much a money-making mine and they are very versatile. Cane baskets can be used for shopping, as gift hampers, as baby prams, as lampshades and even pet baskets. Autumn and winter is your cocoa season if you are into basket weaving. If you are in a country that celebrates trick-o-treat then more kudi for you.


Data Analysis

I know, I know. This is a whole course on its own that folks go to university to study. You don’t need the extra stress compounding with whatever Masters programme you are studying, I know. But in this our age of technology one cannot hope to be left behind. Luckily enough resources are available for learning Data Analysis for just four hours a week over the course of 11 months and be certified to boot. Nifty right? You can check out Coursera’s resources here.



If you have a green thumb then this is easily one of the best jobs you can do on the side while studying. Pruning, mowing, growing gardens and lawns fetch a tidy sum of money. Plus if you are studying in Canada who has certified their love for happy plants then you most definitely are looking to be part of an in-demand service.



Heavy-duty Vehicle Driving

Quiet as it is kept, heavy-duty vehicle driving is a very lucrative business not only in Ghana but even more so abroad. The construction industry which is a big market is always in need of heavy-duty vehicle drivers and the pay is generous as the load you may have to excavate. If you are studying in northern hemisphere countries such as Canada or Greenland where snow is literally the topsoil of their land you are looking at a market that needs you service. Go forth Ghana Santa! Dash through the snow!


Truck Driving

Transport and logistics are always a good means to make good money. In these Covid times where delivery is the preferred option for both retail and wholesale consumers, truck driving will make sure you make ends meet. While driving your vision of bettering yourself academically, you can also drive your way towards making enough to even establish yourself. Ours is a demand and supply world engine and being the gears between is guaranteed to get you horse-powered profits.






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