#AsPromised: Meet Franklin Gyan, the creative genius behind King Promise’s Afrocentric album cover

Ghanaian singer/songwriter, Gregory Promise Bortey Newman popularly known by his stage moniker, King Promise has released his first studio album, #AsPromised which is receiving great feedback.

Since the release of the album a few hours ago, it has climbed the charts and twitter trends to become Number 1 on social media. As folks listen and jam to the music, one area that has caught the eyes of creatives and entertainment insiders is the album cover.

The starboy of Legacy Life Entertainment’s album cover is a brilliant work of art that captures the ethos and spirit behind his new music in a contemporary style.

First shared on the artist’s Instagram account to followership of 861k fans, he captioned alongside the photo “VerifiedMY DEBUT ALBUM , “AS PROMISED” drops 5th, July !!! Been waiting for this moment forever. Love you guys. Bless! #ASPROMISED #5thJuly 💚”

King Promise who graces the cover is seen wearing a wax-print jacket and pants with an earth tone background and palm fronds which was shot by Ghanaian photographer and creative, Franklin Gyan Jnr.

Gyan, a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has an impressive body of work which spans from covers for Rap King, Sarkodie, Fuse ODG and commercial images for beverage company, Fanmilk which features the multi-talented Kwesi Arthur among others.

We caught up with Franklin via Instagram to ask him a few questions about the making of the Afrocentric cover.

BP: What inspired the set design and the theme for the shoot

Franklin: The Set design and theme for the shoot drew inspiration from our rich African culture particularly kingship. We aimed to project the African heritage and reiterate the beauty of our culture to Africa and the rest of the world.

BP: How easy or hard is it working with the team?

Franklin: I would say it wasn’t hard at all. Most of the time we’re in sync and contrary to what most people actually think, we had a ball doing it. As long as we understood each other creatively about achieving a common goal and the desired final look, it’s just work and happiness thereof. After all, we all want the same thing!

BP: The cover has received good reviews from pundits as well as wide acclaim from the public. How do you feel about it??

It’s amazing! Especially because I was a bit sceptical about how the public would receive the concept that King Promise and I were trying to bring to life. I must say it’s been all positive so far and all the props go to King Promise himself for trusting me with this! Big ups bro.

Thank you for opening up and answering our questions

Sure!! My pleasure!





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