Assurance: Nana Kwame Bediako surprised his wife Ruby with these luxurious gifts on her birthday and mother’s day


Business leader, Nana Kwame Bediako a.k.a Cheddar or his new moniker Jacob Freedom Caesar is assuring and insuring his wife, Ruby with the most luxurious gift yet.

The Founder and CEO of Wonda World Estates and Petronia City Development Company Ltd splurged on the mother of his three boys with a new house and a white Panamera.

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Cheddar’s gifts were in celebration of Ruby’s birthday and Mother’s day both which happened over the weekend.

In a video he shared on Instagram, Ruby is being taken into the new apartment complex in a blindfold as the three boys tugged along. As they toured the luxurious duplex, Cheddar also serenaded her with music from a saxophonist.

He says to her “happy birthday to you, so you have a car and you have a house” and in turn, she replies, “thank you, Nana, thank you so much”.

“I’m happy for her for getting this brand new Panemara Thank you to my dad for getting her all these gifts,” one of his sons said

He Captioned the post:

Assurance & Insurance. Happy birthday and happy mother’s day Ruby.#freedomjacobcaesar#princeofafrica

As usual, social media has been filled with comments and videos of the romantic gesture by the millionaire.

According to Autoblog, the average price for a Porsche will range between $103,800 – $185,000. Keep in mind, it also boasts of some of the world’s most elitist and richest people as its owners which now includes Ruby Bediako.

Little is known about Ruby, an old girl of the St. Mary’s Senior High School, who is not a huge fan of the media and social media like her husband and continues to keep a low public profile.

However, it’s apparent that she and boys are enjoying the good life kind courtesy of their father.



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