Meet Mary Edoro of Lagos City Chic, the fashion editor who is putting the city of Lagos on the map

Style Editor at Bellanaija Style, Fashion Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Connoisseur and Fashion Influencer, Mary Edoro a.ka. Lagos City Chic is at the forefront of the heat and fun in her city of Lagos. From interviewing the likes of Naomi Campbell and other fashion big names, she’s the textbook definition of the “IT” girl. As fashion week begins across the continent, we asked her 10 questions about life, fashion, publishing career and how she’s putting her city of Lagos on the global map. We must say she aced it but you got to read it for yourself. Enjoy the read!!!

1. Your real name is Mary Edoro why the moniker  ‘Lagos City Chic’

During my university days, I spent the better part of my holidays going out in Lagos, I really enjoyed trying new restaurants, new spots or even revisiting old ones – soon enough my friends and family members would ask me where to go, what to do on a weekend etc. So when I wanted to start a blog the only name I could think of was Lagoscity Chic – I love love LOVE! the hardworking spirit in Lagos and of Lagosians so it was the perfect fit. The initial idea for Lagoscity Chic was a platform to inspire and guide. I wanted to inspire creatives like myself in the fashion and style space as well as offer helpful guides and show off the best of my favourite city.

2. Did you always want to work in the fashion industry

Yes. I always wanted to work in fashion! I used to create my own fashion “magazines” with cut outs from other magazines lol. I got my first job working as a feature writer for a small Lagos-based fashion publication while I was still in school. When things ended I began my blog and it became my portfolio – I would review runway shows, collections and more. From there I started getting a number of paid gigs; ghostwriting, press releases. I also worked briefly as a community manager. By the time I was done with my service year, I found love at BellaNaija and started out as an intern, before working my way up to where I am now.

3. Talent or Education?? Which one is essential to becoming a fashion editor

 Both to be honest. I would say even passion and education. Education; because you need to have good writing skills, intermidiate journalism skills too, social media knowledge, you have to know how to research trends, designers’ histories, Passion because everyone deserves to do what they are truly passionate about. 

4. What are your thoughts on the coming of Age of the industry in Africa?? Is it just a trend or an industry with potential 

Africa your time is now! I don’t think it’s a trend, I believe the world is finally starting to see and recognise just how much skill and potential we have across all industries, movies, music, fashion and beauty. It’s really a wonderful time to be alive. Our local fabrics are making headway abroad and even being copied – you know what they say; imitation is the best form of flattery. Thebe Magugu from South Africa won the LVMH (closely followed by Kenneth Ize from Nigeria), Theresa May wore an aso-oke Emmy Kasbit jacket. As more and more conversations on diversity and inclusivity continue, the world’s eyes are being open to regions previously thought to be irrelevant. 

5. How should one dress for a job interview??

It depends on the job you’re going for, but one general rule applies – always look neat. For my industry, just because it is a fashion job interview doesn’t mean you should come as if you’re a model on the runway – keep things simple. Focus more on what you have to do creatively and intellectually to impress your interviewer.

6. Three “fashion” words to describe the city of Lagos

– Vibrant, Edgy and Glamorous

7. Do you think print publications would still be relevant in the fashion industry in the next 5-10 years 

I mean, Rihanna is releasing a coffee table book soon – so what does that tell you? In as much as everything is going digital right now, print media still holds a stronger readability. People, including myself are more likely to read a full magazine article and skim through same length article on a website. For the luxury industry, print media, glossy pages are still the go-to for Ads. I personally believe one type of media shouldn’t be discarded for the other. My 65 year old father still buys newspapers – everyday, whereas me on the other hand look at my phone whenever I want the news – we’re two different active consumers of different types of media.

8. What are some of the issues digital media is facing in the fashion industry?

 The industry is so fast paced and digital media trends change too fast it’s almost impossible to keep up.There is so much, in fact, too much content. Everyone, knowledgeable or not, skilled or not, has an opinion and can publish content, stories, reviews and it becomes a chore sifting through to find relevant content, fact-checking and all.

9. 5 of your favorite designers, 3 of your favorite models, 2 of your favorite photographers? 

Deola SagoeBridget Awosika ValentinoOrange CultureMolly Goddard
Grace JonesNaomi CampbellAdut Akech
Trevor StuurmanStephen Tayo

10. How are you preparing for fashion week on the continent and what should Fashion bloggers and journalists keep in mind ?

Well the time for preparation is over, now it’s execution time. Every part of the continent is important and we try our best on the BellaNaija Style team to touch everywhere from AFI SA to Glitz Africa Fashion Weekend and of course Lagos Fashion Week here in Nigeria.
Lagos Fashion Week has positioned itself a leading fashion platform in Nigeria and as such each year comes with some new innovations. I’m particularly interested in the green access they have added this year which opens the discussion of sustainable fashion here in Africa – a conversation I’m very passionate about.
On my end, I’m exploring a lot of new, young designers this year, so look out for my daily style. For my BellaNaija Style team, we have a lot of interesting content planned out from the buildup to post – fashion wee.

Fashion season is always such a rush, from LFW to GTBFashion Weekend and all the off-schedule shows in between, I plan to be on top of things  all through, stay hydrated, and get as much rest as I can. 





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