Black Lives Matter: The psychological effects of police brutality on a Black American


Black American in Ghana, Rashad McCrorey shares his experiences with Police in America and the only true way to create change in this op-ed.

Hatred in My Heart 

One evening in 2019, during Ghana’s Year of Return festivities, I remember walking with a Ghanaian colleague as we were on our way to my hotel room after we departed Reggae Night at La Badi beach. A Ghanaian police car pulled up to us and innocently asked how we were doing. My Ghanaian colleagues responded, but I did not say a word. I remember crossing my arms, I took a half step back and my faced frowned. My body language totally closed. I remember thinking to myself how much I hate the police. The police officer looked at me slightly confused and offended but I didn’t not care, I hate cops.  My colleague knowing me very well looked at me and said “oh, Rashad, the police here are our friends. I know Black Americans have a different experience in America, but here in Ghana our police help us. Here, when police ask us how we are doing, they are really just asking”. I acknowledge his words, apologized to the officers and proceeded to have a nice conversation.

In Black America, when the police ask you any questions, it is clear sign of danger; in many cases, it’s too late once the police in America start asking questions. Police in America only ask Black Americans questions if they already concluded that you are guilty, or they will make sure they will find a way to make you guilty. 

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The Real America 

Recent protest and video evidence of George Floyd serves as a grim reminder of the daily treatment of Black Americans in the United States. You will find your share of Black Americans who say not all cops are bad, or not all white people are bad. You will also find a small number of whites who truly do care about Black lives. I believe many of the current white protestors are only looking to get Donald Trump out of office and care very little about a Black life. From my experience, they are just as many liberal LGBTQ activist in America who are racist than they are conservative Christians protesting abortions who are racist. They are racist white feminist and racist white environmentalist who vote liberal across the board but actively practice racism. I have schooled with a lot of these liberal racist, I have listened to them talk in class.

Globally Intervention

Any King, President, or Prime Minister speaking, tweeting or announcing their support for Black Americans does not comfort me. They all know the only way to help Blacks in America is to fight vigorously for the United Nations to intercede on behalf of Black Americans. The United Nations must intervene on the grounds that the treatment of Blacks in American is a Human Rights violation. These violations include the prison industrial complex, police brutality, educational and environment injustices, housing discrimination, and redlining amongst many other human rights violations. Not civil rights, but human rights. Civil in not a thing or a person, the term human rights must become everyday vocabulary for reconstruction of America’s racist system. Black’s must be considered human and not a term “civil” in order for there to be systematic changed. As long as the term civil is used, the United Nations cannot and willingly will not intervene. Most nations are afraid of America’s military, however, a true humanitarian effort can create systematic reconstruction under the right political circumstances without any bloodshed.


I ask my Ghanaian brethren to remember these moments in history just a year after the year of return. Remember the African history of imperialism and colonialism. Remember apartheid in South Africa. Remember why we celebrate 6 March festivities. When police brutality in America once again is old news like it became old news in 2014. Those who remember will be blessed. 

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