Check out the 5 gym essentials you need to start working out at home.


Spring is upon us and summer cometh with speed. Are you summer beach body ready or that’s a story for another day?

On a tight budget but still want to get in shape?

You can definitely do it from home with the help of Youtube and a couple of these gym essentials. As a plus, there will be no gym instructor breathing down your neck and commanding you to do more squats when your body clearly wants to give up.

In essence, you’re doing yourself a favour by working out at home.

Take a quick look at some of the gym equipment you’ll need to start your journey to body goals right in the comfort of you home!

A fitness mat/ yogamat

Fit black woman stretching her body on yoga mat during her home workout  Stock Photo by Prostock-studio

Exercise mats come in different shapes and sizes to suit different types of workouts. They’re used for crunches and stretching exercises, or any other general exercise you prefer; they can absorb some amount of impact shock and provide cushioning between you and the floor during general exercise.

You definitely don’t want to finish a workout with body pains from the hard floor. Get a mat.

Resistance Band

Resistance Bands | Exercise Bands | Mirafit

An elastic band used for strength training is known as a resistance band.

They’re widely used in physical therapy, especially by convalescents with muscular injuries, such as cardiac rehab patients, to allow for gradual strength recovery. They help with endurance exercises and for the ladies, these resistance bands are needed for when you really wanna work those glutes.

Jumping rope

85 Black Man Jumping Rope Videos and HD Footage - Getty Images
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Skipping has a lot of advantages. It’s the ultimate high-intensity, high-fun workout that’s also good for you! Skipping helps you to reconnect with your childhood when you hop over the skipping rope while simultaneously burning calories.

Skipping is one of the most cost-effective and fat-burning exercises available. It’s also enjoyable. So, what’s holding you back?

Dumb Bells

20 Best Dumbbell Weight Exercises: For Strong Arms, Back and Legs

Dumbbells and hand weights are both resistance equipment that can be lifted with one hand. They are available in a range of sizes and two standard configurations.

Weights are useful tools for any exerciser, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned lifter, thanks to their range. Which tool is best for you is determined by how you define dumbbells and hand weights.

Ab Rollers

How to Use an Ab Roller to Train Your Core and Build a Six-Pack

The ab roller is a tool that allows you to roll your abs. Although it appears to be a simple tool (it’s just a wheel and handles with grips), using it can be very difficult.

Rolling the wheel on your knees for a few reps will leave your abs sore and your core stronger in the long run.

And that’s it! The last equipment you need is consistency and dedication but that can’t be bought so better buck up and go get that body! Best of luck.



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