We have the verdict!! Here are the best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2020 RTP Awards


We love red carpet reviews because it affords us the opportunity to critique our favourite stars and offer practical style advice to our readers with sass.

This week’s review features the red carpet of the Radio Television Personality RTP 2020 Awards which took place last weekend at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra. Per usual, there were some pretty outstanding outfits, the cool ones and the terrible outfits.

Unfortunately, our in-house style commentator, Ruddy couldn’t join Yaw to discuss the outfits and give a verdict.

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Read the full review of the RTP Awards below:

Hi Guys, first all I want to say I miss y’all and the comments you leave under these posts. Secondly, I miss Ruddy who has decided to relocate out of Ghana and is always 8 hours ahead of us which means he can’t join me but trust me to bring my expertise to the table.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

I am literally here for Nana Ama Mcbrown’s royal purple look. I love how the long sleeves overlap the pants and make you feel that it is a jumpsuit. A for hair and A for makeup too. She’s taking notes and I love it. Congratulations too

Mz Gee

I don’t like Red Carpet host, MzGee’s outfit because there is so much going on with the bustier right down to pleats and even the cold shoulder. What’s the difference between the gown, the carpet and the curtains?? Sis, you are a great host and that’s what we’re taking away from this episode.

Kumi Guitar

This outfit is already in contention for the worst outfit I have seen on the red carpet in a decade and I am not even playing. Who even told him that tiger print and peach would make an outfit another human being should wear?? He reminds me of the “If Dear Sir/Madam was a person meme”

Xandy Khamel and husband

Oh boy!! Husband and wife. Where do I even begin?? It’s best I give my verdict right away. This is not even close to ugly, it’s drab and hideous. I have a lot of qualms with her bad makeup and the hair that looks like she just had a quickie *pukes*

Prince David Osei

You have no idea how elated I am just to see Prince David Osei look good for once in his life on the red carpet. I am complementing this Agbada outfit but it’s almost as if I am shading him.

Fiifi Coleman

It does not look like Fiifi will ever get his bowtie in the right position at any event…I can do a whole article on it but that is for another day. Maybe he should invest in a self-tie bow or butterfly bow.

Roselyn Feli

I love the razzmatazz that comes with sequins which makes Roselyn’s dress cool. It does not have a wow factor… I’ll not turn back to watch her if I walked past her but she looks good. It’s the high pony hairstyle and teardrop earrings for me. It oozes class and sophistication

Stacey Amoateng

There’s a quote attributed to my godmother, Dame Anna Wintour (technically I adopted her and we are yet to meet but we would soon) which says “You either know fashion or you don’t”. It aptly describes what I am seeing on Music Music’s Stacey. There’s a high slit, then a train, a cape, somewhere along the line an organza sleeve. Ma’am what were you even going for?? Congratulations though

Quophi Okyeame

I picked this image intentionally because he really looks good in the shot. You can’t also see how funny the pants look and it leaves us all with a good image of him in our minds to carry around.

Portia Boateng

Babes came through with the low budget Beyonce from Destiny Child era vibes. The invitation boldly said ‘black-tie event’ not an episode from a Kumawood movie.

Fadda Dickson

Suit by @kency_by_avo
Styled by @aprilsveriown

Besides the overly tight pants, Fadda Dickson held the fort for the male department in his ostentatious jacket which is also bejewelled.

Kennedy Osei

Kennedy’s outfit is walking the thin line between class and tacky because honestly all that Swarovski on the lapel down to the flap is unnecessary. Here’s why; the outfit is a pinstriped suit which means the design is already playing with geometrics and on the eye. Then again I am not a rich man so let me keep quite already..lol

Selina Boateng

I really don’t know how to say this so I don’t say disrespectful but everyone in the picture should not have been at the event. I am really terribly stressed over their looks.

Jay Kojo Daasebre

I am screaming and shouting Herh!!! over this piece of garbage *oops sorry* I meant to say outfit. You start looking at the outfit from head to toe and it gets worse.


The RTP Awards is the worst Black-tie event I have witnessed in all of my career and it gets worse. Literally, no outfit sweeps me off my feet.

Countryman Songo

I am still in a perpetual shock that they both had the audacity and effrontery to appear on the red carpet. As in do you even own a mirror?

Miss Konamah and friend

Everything about this image is just hilarious but it’s the lady behind for me. Auntie!!!! We beg, please breathe… We won’t judge you but she looks like a bouncer. Lol. I almost forgot to give my verdict on Miss Konamah. It’s simple, great colour and the drama with the hair is cute. Like girl got it.




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