These #youjusthadtobethere tweets are what every 90’s baby needs to see today

Are you a certified 90's baby? If yes, then the #youjusthadtobethere thread on Twitter is all that is needed to unlock some hidden memories.
March 3, 2021

Are you a certified 90’s baby? If yes, then the #youjusthadtobethere thread on Twitter is all that is needed to unlock some hidden memories that you didn’t even know existed.

Prepare yourself for intense nostalgia. (Don’t worry we all wish we could go back in time and be there)

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Take a quick guess, what are some of the things that you remember from your Ghanaian childhood?

From TV shows to snacks that have disappeared over time. Now take a swipe through these tweets. You definitely missed something.

The adventures of Wapipijay. The legendary fridge repairer.

You didn’t read this book? Did you really school in Ghana?

Everyone looked badass with these tattoos after school. How much did they even cost?

Snacks for days! The struggle of opening the bubble gum without it getting stuck to the paper. Unforgettable.

Rich Aunty shades where please? Eclipse sunglasses were in!

Remember being told looking at the eclipse with the naked eye could cause blindness so you have to buy the 1 cedi glasses? Good times.

“Taxi Driver na oreba no”. TT was the spice of our week.


Touched by an angel. You really just had to be there!

Storm Over Paradise. We couldn’t resist filling our friends in on the previous episodes they missed:


You did not watch mentor? You really missed the songs from Andy, Okuraseni Samuel, Ruth and Maya, Adez, Kofi and Joe? Just take us back and make us laugh at how we sang their songs with so much pride.

Space Pingball

This safe hand washing commercial

Our favourite snacks

Even Vodafone had to bring back Onetouch and Ghana Telecom

This bottle was more than a fridge

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments

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