December in Ghana: Here are the best places to have fun on Christmas

Having thoughts about where to go and have fun during this Yuletide season but can’t think of anyplace interesting, and the idea of missing out on the festivities is leaving you completely stumped?

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Take a breather and go through this list of tried and true places you sure are going to have fun and an overall amazing time! Have fun a great December in Ghana

Concrete Jungle Accra

Located in Cantonments, the perfect avenue for hangouts especially for daytime parties. If you have Christmas money, you should blow it here with the squad.

ย La Pleasure Beach

Enjoy delicious and affordable street food, horseback rides, and live band music.  

Located at Labadi in Accra

Zaina Lodge

Excellent for safari lovers. Located at the Mole National Park in the northern region. It houses an incredible pool, outdoor bar and restaurants. The perfect place to give yourself that Christmas getaway treat!

Lou Moon Lodge

 On the Lou Moon Island

Located at Axim in the Western Region 

ย Legon Botanical Gardens

 Perfect outdoor location for the family, amazing views, canoe rides, rope walk, and the perfect park for picnics!

Twist Night Club

ย Everybody from Cardi B to Davido and Don Jazzy has been to Twist whiles in Ghana. It tells you how strong the brand is in the night life business.

Located at Labone inside Accra


It’s their themed-parties for us. Imagine being Accra and thinking you are in Santorini

Polo Beach Club

They call it Ghanaโ€™s Luxury Pop-Up Beach Club @ Labadi Beach Hotel. It’s for those with the very deep pockets and the fun is unlimited.

ย Di Ma Ensa

Everybody loves Di Ma Ensa Restaurant which means eat till it’s finished.

Located in 51 Swaniker St, Abelemkpe -Accra


ย ย ย Located in Accra. It’s where all the local and foreign breeds will be hanging out till dusk. Dress well though because the security could bounce you.

Coco Loungeย 

ย Located in Accra

Safari Valley

It is really the best place to be this December away from all the noise and the bustle of city life but the question is can you afford it??


The best Christmas is spent in Takoradi and every part of the city is agog with fun and laughter. From Effie Kuma to Anaji, the west side has the best activities on Christmas. Special mention to the Christmas carnival in that city.

There you have it. Make sure to have a blast and be sure to take one for the gram! Also, whilst you are at it, remember to observe all Covid 19 protocols






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