Did you really school in Ghana if you never read any of these books?


“I am after you”; this was not just a term that we used when we wanted to drink our friend’s chilled pure water in basic school.

We also used this when we wanted to be the next person to read a book, yes; a book. You must remember putting your head on your desk and reading one or two or probably all of these books.

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For those who loved to read books growing up, here are some books you definitely remember having in your collection.


This horror fiction series was a go to for book lovers. The idea of children finding themselves in scary situations was appealing to the mind and we could not wait for the release of new Goosebumps stories every time.


You wish you had the superpower to morph too, right? Animorph had all elements of freedom and innocence and leadership which satisfied every bit of our wild imaginations.

Enid Blyton

These books were a must-have for children. The pictures made imagery clearer. It was a win for most book lovers, buy one book and have over 15 stories to read.

Lady Bird

Lady bird was for toddlers and young children. These books left us with memorable stories like the little red riding hood and a whole collection of rhymes. You can never forget the red hard covers and soft colored pages these books came in.

My Book Of Bible Stories

They made it easier to understand the black and white pages in the bible. Stories from the creation story to the second coming of Christ were told with colorful pictures, making it interesting to read.

Babysitter’s club

These novel stories about a group of friends running a local babysitting service talk about friendship, moving and divorce and illness. It was a girl’s go to.

Don’t feel left out if you do not identify with any of these.

I’m sure you’re still a reader, I know you definitely read Snake Girl’s Daughter, Abukayoyo, the wicked barber, Doctor, kill my baby or Afiyoo and the three fishes. They were great local stories and fun to read too.



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