Trotro Tragedies: 4 instances Ghanaians can lose all home training.

Trotro Tragedies is a Bra Perucci Africa series that seeks and tells the story of the adventurous Ghanaian who uses public transport each day. The good, the bad and the ugly. We tell it all.

This week on Trotro Tragedies, we take a look at the 5 troski happenings that cause Ghanaians to lose all their cool and home training. Enjoy!

For most, troskis are a smooth ride. But there comes a time when you hear a certain call to bring out all the rachet and the razz in you.

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Everyone has a bit of Tasha Smith in them when it comes to this time. If you haven’t experienced your rachet in a Ghanaian troski, you must have at least witnessed one of these happenings:

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When the Conductor hasn’t given you your balance yet but the Troski is almost at your stop.

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Uncle where’s my money?

This is especially annoying when you’re calling him and he’s mumbling under his breath ” Na sika wei nso wo mfa nky3?” Meanwhile, if the money you gave him was not enough, he would take the rest. Even if it’s 20 pesewas.

When the person sitting by the windows sits with their legs open.

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It’s almost always the men. Please don’t calculate my ass size for cause the small space that you’ve left there no, I won’t fit there. It’s even worse when someone bigger comes to squeeze you into the middle. Cue the fight of the hips!

The stranger you’re sitting by starts dozing off on you

How New Yorkers Reacted When a Stranger Slept on Them in the Subway - The  Atlantic

If I slap you.

Why can’t some people just be normal and put their arms over the back of the seat in front of them and sleep? Whyyyyy! You have to aggressively and passively shrug them off only for them to doze back onto your shoulders. Do you want to catch these hands please?

The drive spends more than five minutes at a stop waiting for passengers who never come.

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When the mate keep doing ” Hol der hol der” but no one is entering the Troski. For the introverts who can’t even ask for their change back, it’s always a relief to sit in a troski with someone will say ” Na driver wontu car no?” ( But driver won’t you move the car?) It might get bloody if the driver and his mate have a sharp mouth.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments!





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