Check out the 8 physical traits that Ghanaian men look out for in their women.


Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and in some cases the eyes of the makeup artist.

Attraction is relative. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that says all humans like the same things. But in essence, we can narrow it down to the fact that physical attraction is based on some prominent body features.

Men chose their women based on some remote attributes the same way women do. There’s no use in denying it.

Aside personal attitudes and behaviors, some Ghanaian men are particular about some specific physical features that will wow you.

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A section of Ghanaian men told us what physical traits they adored in women. Here are a few of them:

First up, a woman’s nails

Some men are very particular about a lady’s nails. While some like it long and nicely painted, others love it pretty short. You should find out his preference though.

Next up are dimples

Dimples are one of the most beautiful natural features that anyone could have. It’s just makes every smile look better. Some people have even resorted to surgical procedures to get dimples to impress others Would you consider getting surgery for dimples? 

 Diastema (gap teeth) 

Some men fantasize about women with “ gap teeth”. They define beauty by the gap in the teeth, especially when the ladies smile. 


image via fretnatural on Instagram.

They say hair is a woman’s crown. Hair or the absence of it could be one of the things that will make Ghanaian man attracted to you. Some Ghanaian men like their women with short hair,be it dyed or not. Others like their women with natural or relaxed hair. But hey, don’t let anyone pressure you into going natural or relaxing your hair. It’s your hair.

The ratio of waist-to-hips 

Every lady is particular when it comes to body shape. Particularly, how wide their hips are or how slim or thick they look. Without doubt, it is one of the first things a guy notices. Most Ghanaian men are interested in the “coca-cola” shaped ladies. That’s not to say that you want find a partner if you dont have a figure 8 body. There’s always a pancake lover out there for those for us who don’t look like hourglasses.

Skin tone 

image by shot pictures on Instagram

While other like the fair colored ladies other prefer their ladies dark with their melanin popping and glossy.

Big, bright eyes

You would be amazed that some men prefer big bright eyes in women. They would rather get lost in big bright eyes.  

Thick lips

For women of color, thick lips are an added bonus to the abundance of melanin in our skins. That’s what makes black women so attractive.

With or without any of these attributes, you’re still a spec and you will definitely find the person that appreciates the insufficience or abundance of these physical attributes. Until then, enjoy life.



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