Who do you vote for when your parents support different political parties

Elections are here again, and everyone seems to be preparing and getting ready to vote for their preferred candidate.

A father carries her daughter to the polls in Ghana. Photo By Bob Pixel

Elections are as important as our daily food which is why Ghanaians are anticipating and rigorously campaigning for their preferred candidate ahead of the December 7th election.

Interestingly, individuals would go as far as sharing money and other items with the hope of winning the votes of the electorates. 

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Generally, children tend to support the parties or the favourite candidates of their parent, a four out of ten people would deviate from this order according to a report on the effects of politics on the family.

What happens when your parents are in two different parties and what would be the voting line of the children?  Can Politics test the strength of your family ties??

These are questions that are on the minds of many people.

In the U.S, for instance, family dinners and reunions have become extremely tense due to the different political ideologies of members, cites an article by The Atlantic.

Alberta, a student of Cape Coast University shares her story of living with parents who support different political parties.

“They hardly talk about politics but when they do it normally results in teasing and name-calling. I would leave when they start teasing and laughing at each other, they would both laugh it off when my mother brings food and tells him it would have been a buffet if her party was in power”. 

She says that she votes for her father’s political party because he pays her fees whiles the rest of her siblings vote for her mother’s party.

Ballots are counted at a polling station in a constituency after voting has ended. Photo By Emmanuel Bobbie

According to her, the mother convinces her siblings to vote for her political party and in turn, she would provide extra food for them if her political party wins.

They have lived in peace for so many years and she believes the country is just like her family in so many ways.

Sometimes your boss, your bestie, your boyfriend or girlfriend may share different political ideologies from you but it has never resulted in violence.

As we go into the polls on December to elect our there should be peace before, during and after elections.

But the question still remains, Do you vote on family lines or you stand with your own convictions??





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