Here are 10 things that have changed since the last time fanmilk increased their prices


If you live in Ghana or know anyone in that country, then you probably have heard that government has increased taxes hence a surge in the prices of some very basic commodities.

Announcing the increase in tarrifs in a press release on Monday, the Public Utility Regulatory Commission listed a number of basic commodities ranging from data to utility bills that had been hit by the tax hike.

One such products whose increase in prices has affected many Ghanaians is Fanmilk Ghana. The beverage company announce that it was going to increase the prices of its products from the popular fanyogo to the newest cocopine

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This of course, didn’t sit well with Ghanaians but with a creative team like theirs they’ve turned the conversation to their favor. They shared a post on social media chronicling some of the world events that have occured the last time they increased their prices and it’s not only funny but true.

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What are some of the things that have changed for you since 2012??

You could ask the seller to cut the yoghurt into two halves so you share with a friend back in 2012



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