The Best Ghanaian Wedding Planners That Should Be On Your Radar

When thinking of getting married the first thing that should be on your list is getting a professional wedding planner to plan your day into the most memorable event of your lifetime.

However, in Ghana and for most people across the world they seem to do the opposite and get stressed to the point of burning out.

Wedding Planning seems like a fairly new concept in Ghana because technically our mums and dads got married without a wedding planner and they’re doing just fine.

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But even though that’s a very solid argument, Mummy and Daddy didn’t invite 100 people whiles juggling very demanding careers or didn’t pay attention to some of the key details and nitty-gritty of a dream wedding.

If you are employing one and wondering if it’s a good bargain, we say YES!!! and also please be honest about your budget as well as your expectations from co-ordination, decor, food, styling and even music.

Go to consultations on time, allow them to be creative, and utilise their strengths

Now that we have clearly defined some critical part of their roles, we set out to create a list that features the best crop of these Vendors and how successful they’ve been even in an era when COVID-19, limited guests and social distancing is the order of the day.

Check out the best 10 Ghanaian wedding planners on our radar

White Chalk The Planner

Even in a year that has been plagued with viruses, social distancing and colossal damages to business all over the world, WHITE CHALK has stood tall in the wedding planning industry and is constantly running to the bank with hefty cheques.

The award-winning planning company is run by Bryan Tachie-Menson who snagged the best wedding planner at the 2020 G.E.I.C awards.

Known for developing, creating and executing unique weddings in Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai and in many other grand destinations, they’ve cemented their names as best of the best.

Purple Twirl Events

Remember #CIRI2020?? It was coordinated, planned and executed by award-winning luxury full-service wedding and event production company, Purple Twirl. Need we say more about their work??

Jandel Ltd

A leader in the wedding event space, Jandel has 24 years of wedding planning and events under its belt.

Lets Be Seated

Let’s Be Seated is an event planning, design and rental company that is changing the scene with their stylish contemporary pieces. They were recognised in 2019 by the Events Vendor Association and Awards for their work.

Times Square

Just in less than 5 years, Time Square Events has established itself as a leader in wedding planning, decor and design.

Sprout Affair

Sprout Affair prides itself as a planner that makes ‘Remarkable Memories’ and so every event has lived up to the bill.

Prime Shades

Event Planning & Styling, Content creation, interior designing all make up the services offered by this top-tier wedding planner. They’ve earned their stripes by providing the best wedding planning service to each client.

Dustin Events

Dustin is an event design and venue transformation vendor with an international pedigree. The Luxury wedding connoisseur continues to soar higher with their one-of-a-kind creativity

Wedding In A Box

Wedding in a box Ghana is an alliance of creative and experienced wedding professionals in Ghana.They’ve demonstrated creativity, innovation, knowledge and trust in a way that brings out the best in their vendors and an ultimate wedding experience.

Tinsel Events

Planning & Designing for weddings is the hallmark of Tinsell Events. The company which is led by Ghanaian Registered Nurse, Kweku Boateng Adofo has become a force to reckon with in this industry





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