Lifestyle: Every woman needs to know this 10 awesome lipstick tricks

From the world over women and lipstick have become the best of friends and in some instances inseparable.

Lipstick as a cosmetic has transformed women’s dull and glum looks to exciting “Belles” that get the attention of whomever and whatever they want.

However, it’s not the love of lipstick alone that would make you look good. You need to master the art of wearing lipstick by learning the top 9 tricks that would make your application look sexy, simple and easy.

1. To avoid staining your teeth with the lipstick by running your finger through your lips .

Lipsticks are naturally sticky and they usually make their way onto your teeth. Imagine speaking to a guy in public and all he sees is the lipstick on your teeth. After applying the lipstick, run your right index finger (which is the finger in the middle of your teeth), hold it with your lips and drag it out.

2. Your perfect pink shade is your lip gum 

Have you wondered how to get the perfect shade of pink?? No worries just check the color of your gum; it’s your perfect shade.

3. Apply a concealer or primer before applying your lipstick 

Sometimes your lipstick shade might not be what you bought from the shop or your vendor. If it happens like this just put on a base on your lip before applying the lip or use a little bit of foundation to make the color of your lip look like what was on the kit

4. For fuller lips use a lip liner 

Use a liner to create your full lips before applying the lipstick. When tracing your lip, smile to find the perfect spot to exaggerate the line. Be careful not to over-trace the lips to look like a ditched psychotic bride.

5. Blot in between each application for long-lasting lipstick 

For longer lasting lipstick that will take you all day without re-applying, blot in between applications. Whiles, you’re applying the lipstick, blot with tissue paper and apply the lipstick again and blot for the last time.

6. Use powder around your lip edges 

Powder around your lip edges to leave it nice, clean and polished after you’re done applying the lipstick.

7. Use a lighter to repair your broken lipstick 

A broken lipstick is almost as if your heart was broken in the process. The thought of finding your one in a million lipstick brand is just unbearable. You could smash it into a paste and leave it in a container or melt the broken with a lighter and fix it back to the other half.

8. Exfoliate your lips 

Before you apply the lipstick make sure to exfoliate your lips really well. This is done with a toothbrush or Vaseline, the idea is to remove all the flakes on your lips leaving it fresh, smooth and sexy.

9. Use translucent powder to get a perfect nude lip 

If you want a perfect shade of nude, dust translucent powder on top your lip for a matte feel without having to use a matte lipstick.

10. Apply matte lipstick 

Matte lipstick can get really uncomfortable and dry but to prevent the feelings of dryness, apply lip balm. Lip balms keep the lips hydrated and moist





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