Here are 7 iconic moments from Efya X Omah Lay’s “Somewhere in Ghana” concert.

In essence, we are all photographers yet some outshine others when it comes to the amount of thought and creativity they put into their shots.

From the lighting to the noise-canceling to figuring out the perfect moment, it takes a high level of craft-mastery to capture the best photo.

Undoubtedly, it is a much more challenging task for concert photographers, especially considering how much artistes move around on the stage.

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It is almost impossible to take a still shot. Truly, these photographers deserve accolades.

This is exactly how we feel about Vine Imagery’s work on the first drive-in concert organized in Ghana. The concert, hosted by Ghana’s Efya and Nigeria’s Omah Lay, was graced with the performances of Sarkodie, Bosom Pyung, Darko Vibes, Joey B and many other celebrated artistes.

Check out these awe-inspiring and intensely creative photos taken by Vine Imagery.

Efya on stage performing. Image via vineimagery on Instagram
Efya’s performance with Sarkodie. Image via vineimagery on Instagram
Efya’s first Solo on Stage. Image via vineimagery on Instagram
Another Shot of Efya’s solo. Image via vineimagery on Instagram
Efya’s Solo. image via vineimagery on Instagram
Through the lenses of another. Image via vineimagery on Instagram
Efya’s performance with Kwabena Kwabena. Image via vineimagery on Instagram

The “Somewhere in Ghana” Drive in concert was a place to be on Saturday and Through these iconic moments brought to us by the lenses of Vine Imagery, we will be able to relive those perfect moments forever.





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