The Verdict is out!! Here are the best and worst dressed celebrities at the EMY Awards

Last night, the Exclusive Men of The Year held its annual awards event at the Kempinski Hotel.

As per usual the red carpet saw a number of Ghanaian celebrities looking good and some not-so-good according to our style lenses.

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From Naa Ashokor to Salma Mumin, Nana Akua Addo and Nathaniel Attoh, these celebrities brought their A-game to the event after a long hiatus from our screens.

We dare say it was a night for the history books.

Check out our style verdict from the EMY Awards below:

Naa Ashorkor

Outfit: @pistisgh 
Accessories @ellacadieπŸ’•
Hair @city_crochet .
πŸ’ Stylist @hairmechanicghmechanic
πŸ’„ @keziah_gh
πŸ“· @chocolate_shot_it

EMY Awards Co-host, Naa Ashorkor was hands down the best dressed in a mermaid gown from Pistis. I love the fabric; it reminds me of literature and culture from the Orients. Her hair game and makeup was the perfect match for the outfit.

Nana Akua Addo

Dress @yartelgh
Hair @kushbytaylar
Makeup @narkieez

Crown her Queen!!! Nana Akua Addo was a veiled bride in a custom-made Yartel gown. Every time this girl makes a red carpet appearance its an instant hit!!

Salma Mumin

Outfit by @sima_brew
Makepup @cjzmakeover
Hair : @khaniluxuryhair
Hair styling. @beauty_bowl_salon
πŸ“Έ @breezyphotography1

A high ponytail, stunning floor-length sheath dress with origami sleeves. I’ll give this look an A for attention to detail and style.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

I am not entirely sure of the silver hair but the long garb over the pants is a combination that works for me. Maybe the clutch shouldn’t have been there. She looked very uncomfortable with it. The face shield is also giving Sci-Fi feels too.

Abeiku Santana

Would have loved to see a full picture before giving a verdict but Abeiku Santana looks spruce for once. Aside from the arm area that looks a bit oversized and a slightly twisted bowtie, it’s an okay look


Suitmaker and Man of Style, Brommon wore a 3-piece blue suit to the EMY’s. It’s not bad but there’s nothing exciting about it.

Nathaniel Attoh

Nathaniel Attoh’s Indian inspired red kaftan was a good one. It was just the perfect fit for the co-host of the EMY Awards and a reflection of his personal style

Tagoe Sisters

Honestly, there’s nothing to see here. Just black dresses and nothing else to add.


Hi Jane, you know we love you right?? However, you didn’t need to appear like a character from Mortal Kombat. We understand that you love Beyonce and you wanted to channel her recent OTR 2 tour look but this is not it. I love the boots anyway. Too much eye shadow too.

Prince David Osei

Can we all come together and ban Prince David Osei from these red carpet events if he’ll turn up like he’s going for preps in secondary school. The Ghetto!

Gloria Sarfo

Gloria Sarfo is a great actress and probably one of Ghana’s best but one thing she still can’t get right is how to dress for her body type. This look is nice and hideous simultaneously.

Joe Mettle and Akwaboah

Happy birthday Joe Mettle!!! Anyway whose idea was it for you to be out here looking like that ??

I don’t like Akwaboah’s tuxedo. It makes him look like a reptile.

Yoofi Grant

Yoofi Grant looks like he’s here to audition for a position with the viral Prampram Pallbearers. (Now the song is playing in my head) Lol!!! I’m giving this whole look to God.

Kojo Jones

Kojo Jones still doing the ordinary with his fashion but I guess if you keep playing it safe, there’s not much we can say. The outfit just doesn’t look well-ironed.

Victoria Micheals

NEXT!!!!! Guys, can you see the black plastic bag oops sorry leather cape over the dress?? Let’s be honest, this is not a flattering look and we won’t lie

Ms. Nancy

I don’t know what this is but I can guarantee and assure you that this is a mess. She looks so cranky and uncomfortable plus the hair is all over the place. Someone tell our venerable style coach to put her arms down because we can see her ‘pits’.


I’m sorry that I don’t know who she is but Auntie here’s a piece of advice. Please do not bring your sleeping cloth disguised as a train to the next function you attend. Lmao!!! What a train wreck. The least said about the makeup, the better. Even the ladies at Makola can do a good job (no shade to my queens at Makola)


Harold looked okay! I like the mandarin neck, silver watch, the grown beard. Maybe the red cap should be off or something. He’s out here looking like an Igwe in one of those Nollywood movies.I’ll still give it an A for effort.


It’s 2020 and Elikem still wears sunglasses to the red carpet. Maybe he should start a sunglasses line. Who knows?? He might be successful this time around. I really don’t want to talk about the outfit, I don’t even care anymore.


Melissa darling, you are so pretty but what’s not pretty is the striped sleeves. What got into you?? I love the makeup and the hair isn’t bad but there’s more that can be done. C for average participation.


People like Musa make me lose faith in the menswear industry in Ghana. I hate how much literally no effort goes into grooming and styling for events like this. Another key lesson in men suit style, your pants should not be falling over the shoes this way. Not too long like you inherited it, not too short like you borrowed it from your younger brother. This guy could have put a little bit of effort and we’ll be singing his praises.

Kuburah Diamonds

Please I hear Kuburah is very rich so I’m going to be biased in my critique so I get some of the money. Lmao!!! Nah, Sis, this isn’t red carpet appropriate but it’ll do well at the office or some other public gathering. Her attempt to glamourise the look with that headpiece just threw me into a fit. Now she’s looking like a whole tree with branches.

Zynell Zuh

Outfit @sima_brew
Makeup @loox_artistry
Lashes @shadesbyjulietibrahim
Accessories &styling @zyellegant

Finally, there’s Lydia Zynell Zuh and her fashion. Aside from, the fact that this is also one of the looks she saved from her Instagram and gave to her designer to make, it’s a stunning dress. I love the geometry of the dress and the colour too. The short hair and earrings are complimenting the look very well.





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