This week’s wedding guest looks deserve a standing ovation

Welcome to this week’s edition of people wearing some of the most stunning and ostentatious wedding guest outfits across the world.

Per usual, we saved the best for you and it even features the likes of Toke Makinwa, Ebuka, Jake Bediako, Bozoma St. John and the beautiful and sultry Chic Ama.

For fabric inspiration, this week’s guest got you covered as they juggled between lace, bedazzled fabrics, scuba and rich Aso-oke.

There is also an abundance of styles that can inspire you for the next wedding you’ll be attending. Thigh-high slits, tull dresses,Agbada, tunics for others, kaftans with capes, jumpsuits with trains and other yummy looks.

Check out the looks that are causing a stir on social media right now

@adanmadoreen @adaoradoris
@leratokganyago in @gertjohancoetzee






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