Travel Tuesday: 5 Ghanaian foods you can travel with on your trip abroad


What we do not want to do is participate in the social media slander that has been going on of late with African American trying fufu and being disgusted by it.

All lies though, btw, Fufu is the G.O.A.T, argue with your internet and the soup that surrounds the bowl of carbohydrate goodness.

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However, we will be real with you and say that taste buds differ across the globe and so
sometimes people would love to carry a little bit of home with them as they are travelling
from country to country.

We came up with 5 easy to carry foods that will save you when the foreign food does not sit
right, and when you miss home.

Check it out.


Who else will be number 1 if not King of Versatility?? The only sauce that can go with
EVERYTHING. Yes everything. Your rice, your banku and even your bread. You need just
one jar, and make sure it’s mildly hot so you don’t eat all at a go.

Fante Kenkey

Now the best thing about this is that you can keep it for a long time and it won’t get
spoilt. Pair it with your shito or stew and you are good to go. Having a little bit of a
sweet tooth? Just mash it, with some milk, sugar and ice.


Wait… what did we say about shito being the King of Versatility? Okay, maybe we rushed
into this decision. Or maybe they could share the crown, king and queen. Gari can be paired
with anything. Your rice with stew, or just the stew, or shito. You can add sugar, milk,
groundnut, and ice to plain gari and you have yourself another delicacy.

This we all know is a dessert. You can get this from the hawkers in town or just make them at
home yourself. They are sweet and can last forever because of the sugar

Plantain Chips

This one is another favorite dessert. You can make these at home or fry them yourself. You
can make as much as you want and munch during your trip and on your way back.



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