Attention! People are slandering your favourite Ghanaian foods and it can trigger you


Another day, different issue on Twitter.  Someone decided to attack the Ghanaian food that she doesn’t like and almost all Ghanaian Twitter users joined in. 

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Some of these tweets are disturbing and as funny as it gets.  

Take a look at some of the most triggering slander about Ghanaian food you’ll ever see.

This is misogyny

We thought he was here to save the situation but here we are

Eeeeiii you people are rude

Some of us are pescatarians. Have mercy

Choker Nation

Why are you guys always on the case of Oyarifa people?

Wow!!! This slander won’t be tolerated

Shots fired

Look at the name sef… “Face the wall”

It could turn into World War III

Can you imagine

These tweets are triggering us


Lol!!!!! This is the tweet of the year.



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