5 Signs to know if you are in love


Did you know love as a word does not have a definition? Now you know. Instead, it has attributes and descriptions.

Example love is kind, love is a feeling towards someone and love is patient and other adjectives.

Love has so many meanings and depending on who is telling or showing it all depends on their perspectives. 

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Here are 5 important factors to determine if you are in love or perhaps if it’s just a crush which will fizzle soon.

When you are eager to hear from them

It is the best part of your day when you hear from your love interest. This gives you excitement and you want to keep the conversation going on and on. That is one tip to know you are going deep in love.

When they are the first to be in your thoughts.

When you hear “love” they are the first you picture in your mind and you find yourself thinking about the person throughout your day. 

They are the first you want to share good news or bad news with. Sign two to show that you are tripping in the love zone.

 When you are willing to sacrifice for them

When you are in love you make necessary sacrifices to make your love interest happy.

Some sacrifice their sleep to talk all night long with their love interest, some their last money and others their freedom to party with friends. When you are in at this stage you are in love. 

When you have the person in your long term plans

When you are in love you think of your love interest in your long term plans. You have plans of getting a home together, a pet a car and which location you would go for a vacation.

If your love interest is not talking about plans with you they might not actually want you in their future life.

When your love interest is your best friend

Do you have a best friend who shares your happy moments and sad moment with? You might be in love.

They are always there to cheer you on, they become your source of joy and they end up becoming your best friend.

Watch your best friend they might be your love interest. 



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