5 tips for dressing up during the dry season

Harmattan sure did pay us a surprise this year, just when we thought we were evading breathing dry air and moisturising our natural hairs this month, the dry cold weather decides to show its head.

Well, the shea butter vendor is glad.

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You’ve got enough stress on your minds, let me rid you of your wardrobe wahala. What clothes best fit for the dry season?

Let’s find out.

No colours that show sweat

I doubt you’ll feel good raising those arms and seeing a sweat print under your arms, don’t fret looking into your wardrobe wondering what to wear this time; shy away from clothes that are grey or light pink, white is the best option. Throw on some white tees and nicely pressed trousers or jeans. Look smart and chick.

Pick breathable materials

now is not the time to wear silk, try lightweight cotton and linen fabrics. Think breathable always, shirts with holes like crocheted styled clothes will be perfect, the dresses and shirts with cut-outs at the back are lifesavers now. Let the body-hugging clothes rest for now. Feel free, yet stylish.

Protective clothing

Don’t think the long sleeves have to dust away till June; it’s important to look stylish, just remember to protect your skin from the dry weather, you don’t want to walk in town with cracked skin looking like a dried up lake. Cover skin, and protect the hair. Wear those sleeves and rock your straw and felt hats with class. Protect your pampered skin, head and face from the sun’s rays.

Don’t neglect your feet

Shoes without socks is a new look, it sure helps for the heat, but be mindful if you sweat a lot on your feet. Choose lightweight slip on and shoes made of breathable leather, this is no time for boots. You can wear sandals for Friday wears and flip flops for the beach.

Being comfortable is a priority, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Stick to the cardinal fashion rules and be strategic in your clothing choice.





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