Have you ever sacrificed for love? Twitter users share their heartbreaking experiences.


Sacrifices. Everyone has had to make one at a certain point in their lives. Most times for the ones we love and cherish. But at what cost is a sacrifice too much?

Let’s find out. 

 One Twitter user asked the question: What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for someone? Whiles some people were too emotional to share, the people that found the courage to share had us in tears.  

This is true love y’all.


The biggest swerve😂😂😂

We are sorry sir😂

I didn’t know that uncle was a painkiller but we meuve


Severe pains😂😂

You should have gone to your Amsterdam dear

Ahn ey😂😂

The definition of do and die😂

You could have gone to jail but we understand 😂

But how?💔😂

I would go though. Damn the consequences


Ah. Aunty no try

Totally understandable. A king!

None can ever come close!

The sacrifice ebe like some of you dey carry go

What’s the biggest sacrifice you have made for someone? Let us know!



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