Take a look at these Ghanaian phrases that will never go out of style


Ghana is and will always be the best place for any Ghanaian child to grow up. The things we see and hear go a long way to shape us for the future. Growing up, we used different words, most we heard from our parents and the rest we coined up on our own. And by coined up I mean we mispronounced the English version and it stuck.

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In the spirit of Throwback Christmas, take a look at these Ghanaian phrases that we can never outgrow.

“And so what?” And so soak my gari for me”

One of the classiest responses to someone who wants to disgrace you by asking you the question,”And so what?” If you’re unlucky, the person on the other hand might jab you with a ” Common gari you can’t soak” There’s no way we can ever outgrow this.


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We can never forget the awkward moments when our friends got the Aggoinsh. From the class captain trying to submit the list of talkatives and being shot down by the teacher (The “Go and sit down my friend”) to people being shouted at by their parents. Every single person received one at a point in their lives.

Yess, My toilet paper

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Oh how annoying this phrase was!! Imagine calling someone for something important and the person responds with this phrase. Somehow, we all have used this phrase before. Don’t lie

New Wele

How we equated new clothes or shoes to wele will always baffle me. You can never wear anything new in a Ghanaian school. If you do, you risk getting teased by your friends.

Show your back/Apuskeleke

Plunging Neckline Gif - The Best Undercut Ponytail

Whoever wore one of these dresses back in the day received stares and wows. Over time this dress has really evolved.

Your face like a monkey shadow

Whoever saw a monkey’s shadow and decided it should become and insult deserves accolades. They really do.

These phrases and many more like Sosket, Welldodge and others were what one of the things that really made our childhood in Ghana fun.

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