Interview: Quables is building the brand of the future for young people and he is making them happy


Born Ernest Kwablah, social media guru/strategist and talent manager, Quables is in the league of extraordinary young people who are building the next phase of the future.

It’s not such a bold claim for the young ‘Advertising Titan’ and KNUST alumni having the statistics and accolades to back this assertion.

He manages the talents of evocative Dance God Lllyod, a rhythmic dance virtuoso putting Afrobeat dance on the map. And it doesn’t end there, the likes of the skilful painter, Chukwu the painter, Only Djay and the Euphoric Dance With a Purpose academy are all under his effective management.

When he’s not doing the above-mentioned, he’s creating content, strategising or marketing ideas for his diverse clientele at an Advertising agency with an infectious smile. (Don Draper would sure be jealous of this creative chap)

However, this is not the pinnacle of success for him, making people happy and in his own words “being a positive force in the lives of other people” does the trick easily.

A gym/healthy living enthusiast, entrepreneur and a member of a Reality show on Youtube, Quables embodies it all.

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We caught up with him on social media and asked him a few questions about his life, career and the future as part of our “Exciting Way of Life” series which will also be premiering on Podcast and currently on Youtube.


Take us through a typical day in your exciting life 

Quables: I wake up to a lot of missed calls , I say a prayer , I reply the messages and calls , I check up on all the people I manage , Make plans for each of them and we make sure we execute all the plans …

My day is more complicated than this , but this is the summary.

 You wear several hats in the creative industry. When did this career begin for you ??

Quables: My career in advertising started in 2013 when I did an internship at Interactive Digital. Content creation for me started in 2012 when I decided to pursue modelling and acting. Through this, I discovered so many other things I could do.

What makes you different from the average Ghanaian young man??

Q: lol erm, I will say I have this gift of being able to see the potential in an individual and guiding them to see the dream come true.

What are some of the brands you manage and work for??

Q: As an influencer I have worked with brands like mtn, Tigo , fidelity , Kitkat etc . As a Digital marketer, I have worked with brands like; Nescafe Africa, Skygirlsgh, Men’s grooming, Stanbic bank, EMYAfrica, Lucas College, Slydepay etc

As a manager I manage brands like D Jay ,Dancegodlloyd, Dwpacademy , Afrobeast , Chukwu the painter , Afronitaaa , championrolie , Susan Augustt there is a lot of them 😃.

What happened to your fledging career as a model??

Q: I realized there was more fulfilment in seeing other people do well. So I decided to channel my energy into growing other brands and helping people’s dreams come true.

You seem to enjoy a wonderful relationship with Dance God Lloyd. What is it really like working with a rising global talent ?? 

Q: It’s been an amazing journey, it’s been almost 7 years managing @Dancegodlloyd and we have grown steadily to the top and trust me the best is yet to come. We have our ups and downs but we have come very far.  There is no giving up anytime soon

Quables with dancegodlloyd and afrobeast_

How is the Lockdown, COVID-19 and social distancing affecting you as a creative??

Q: It has really affected us and the plans we had for the year. We had performances at festivals in different countries. However, everything has come to a halt now so we’re a bit limited. 

But I dare say that as creatives we can never be boxed. We make the most out of every situation. We’ve been creating a lot of content in our homes for brands to share on social media.

We also have a back up for the rainy days so tons of content have been stocked up which we release daily to keep our pages active.

You’re the brand of the future, how does the future look ??

Q: The Future is very very bright. All the talents I manage are doing so well and we will take over the world soon. When they do well my brand does well 😊

Before we leave you, what is your message to brands who are still unsure of the potency of social media.

Q: I feel like Covid-19 made them realize social media is the future … During this period when nobody goes out, social media is the only way people are entertained or receive information faster. People spend more time online. There’s no better time to take advantage of social media than now by creating contents their audience can consume. Brands should consider transitioning to online fully and possibly train their staff to be efficient online.

Ernest Kwablah

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