#KayVee19: The endless love story of Aseye and Kay just begun and we can’t keep calm

Meet Medical Doctor/TV Hosts, Vanessa Aseye and her hunny boo, Elorm Kayvie Dee who is also a Lieutenant in the Ghana Army.

The beautiful Vanessa said ‘Yes’ to the love of her life when he threw a surprise party for her 27th birthday. Funny enough, all her friends and loved ones were in the know so it really did come a s a surprise to her.

After all that theatrics comes the big wedding slated for September 2019.

Lt. Davidson shared the big announcement on Facebook.

He wrote:

Psalm 66:5 “Come and see the wonders of God; His acts for humanity are awe-inspiring”
#KayVee19 #LtDavison #DrVanessa #GoingDown #LtDr #MilvsMedicine #Trybe Aseye Vanessa

Vanessa posted on social media:

“Psalm 86:12 “ I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart i will glorify your name forever”
…grateful for the love we share and the endless smiles you place on my face…. #excited to be yours forever. My Elorm, My Kay. #KayVee19#HisQueen4eVa#itonlygetsbetter ❤️ Elorm Kayvie Dave

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

Tom Bodette


Bride-to-be: its_yeeyee


Photography: @trybe_media





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