Meet The Jefferson’s: 5 days after proposing, Cory and Jalisa had their dream wedding


American professional basketball player, Cory Jefferson and his new wife, Jalisa Jefferson’s wedding is definitely in the running for the Guinness record for ‘the shortest period to get married after a proposal.

We are just kidding but in a world where most couples take weeks and sometimes months to plan a wedding; the move seemed impossible until they pulled it off.

5 days after Cory proposed to Jalisa in front of selected family and friends, the couple made it official with an intimate wedding, of course with the help of family.

“Shoutout to my parents & @coryjay34 ‘s new in-laws lol. They have been nothing short of amazing throughout this entire process. They supported our desire to have an extremely intimate wedding from the start,” Jalisa wrote on Instagram.

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According to Jalisa, who has a fledging career in fashion, lifestyle and beauty, it has always been the couple’s plan to get married as soon as Cory popped the question because they wanted to focus on their marriage.

She revealed: “For those wondering, Cory and I from the beginning of our relationship agreed that we wanted to have an intimate and inexpensive wedding, due to us wanting to focus on the future & foundation of our marriage as opposed to focusing on one day.”

At first, they had planned to give a few hours before heading to court to finalize things but dropped the idea later.

Initially, we said we just wanted to go to the courthouse right after getting engaged but in efforts of having our parents and closest friends/family involved we decided to do it in the backyard. 

She that they “would always joke about only being engaged for a couple of hours and heading straight to the courthouse to get married and that’s pretty much exactly what we did but we gave it (5) days 😂”.

“My friends along with my family put this together in just that time & made it the most incredible day and exactly what we wanted. I am so grateful for my tribe. They are truly unmatched 😭❤️,” she concluded.

About finding the perfect wedding gown, she ordered one from ASOS

 “I ordered a dress on ASOS the day after he proposed..Because, if you shop online at all, you know they don’t play about their 2 day shipping,” she pointed out.

However, the outfit wouldn’t fit and they had to find a new one on the morning of the wedding.

 “My manager then reached out to @grace_loves_lace right away hoping we could pull something off. They were clearly sent by God. They opened the store on a “closed” day & had someone come in on their off day, all to move mountains and get me in this amazing dress/veil.”


The unconventional couple even cut their wedding cake in their trunks and tee-shirts.

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions with travel, they are yet to travel for their honeymoon and currently enjoying their new life as Mr and Mrs Cory Jefferson.



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