Man of Style: Joel Amedoe is the creative kid connecting black youths to their roots through fashion


On this edition of Man of style, we speak to the spiffy graphic artist and photographer, Amedoe Joel Kafui on his style, his Afrocentric brand and work as a leading creative in Ghana.

Amedoe or Kiki as he is affectionately called embodies the creative energy and style that is characterised by the Ghanaian urban space.

A leading creative, graphic designer at the Graphic Communications Limited and a fashion designer, he is using his work to reach out to young people both home and abroad to reconnect to their authentic African roots.

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Despite the COVID-19 and its related restrictions, the brand engineer for MAKAFUI thrives on positivity, hope and the zeal to succeed. In a series of questions and answers on Whatsapp, we discuss life on the creative side and some of his favourite things.

Enjoy the read!!!

Mr. Amedoe, how are you doing this fine Monday morning?

Joel Amedoe: I am well by grace

You’re our man of style of the week, how do you feel about it ??

J.A: It’s a humbling experience for me to picked by your makes me very happy to be featured on your platform. I hope to be selected frequently. lol!!!!

What do you do for a living ??

J.A: I am a graphic designer and a brand consultant.. In general I am an artist.

As a creative and a style aficionado, how are you coping in these times??

I am trying. It’s not easy though but I think I am making my fashion count in this season by wearing matching clothes with my face mask. But all in all its slowed down business and events which most fashion people like me always love to attend.

You were a photographer before you transitioned into graphic design. Tell us about it

J.A: Hey I always say art is life. We rule the world. Yes, photography is one of the children of graphic design. Graphic design is so so ‘biiiiiig’. I’m still into photography though. Just took a little break. Now doing more of design layouts and prints.

Mention 3 stylish people who inspire you

J.A: Jidenna, Irvan Randle and the Executive Secretay to the President, Nana Asante Bediatuo

What is a fashion an item you can’t be caught dead wearing??

J.A: Chains.. Lol I hate necklaces and rings. They are not my thing.

A fashion trend you are currently in love with 😍??

The afro centric vibe.. Jackets.. Jump suits. Sneakers etc

What is your favourite item in your closet ???

Hey, I love my shoes. I am a shoe freak. My brown shoes are my favourite.

What will you do differently when this COVID-19 is declared an endemic??

Lol probably hung out more.. Lol I miss events and I mean hanging out more with friends and family

Tell us about your clothing line and the future for the brand??

How did you guys know about it?? lol. It’s called MAKAFUI and I’m still building it. It’s still in very baby stages. Basically it’s going to be more of an Afrocentric and Africa to the world kind of clothing or fashion lines. I am looking at bridging the gap between Africa and the rest of the world. We want to reach out more to our brothers and friends out there in the diaspora who sometimes want to have a feel of home and also want to learn more about their roots.

A piece of advice for anyone who wants to look stylish as you

A.J: Hey, I always say be you do you. But with a touch of class and style. Have an eye for colour and match them well. Learn from the best and classy people at home and abroad.

Thank you Joel Amedoe for speaking to us

A.J: Thanks for having me. You guys are doing a great job for the fashion industry and industry players



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