5 easy Streetwear fashion hacks that usually fly under the radar

Streetwear aesthetic is considered to have found its way from Hip Hop and skateboarding culture. Vintage shirts with pop culture prints, Parker pants and bucket hats; these are a few fashion pieces we recognize with street wear. The big idea? To (re-)invent and go against the norm of what is considered orthodox fashion style.

Once regarded as an underground fashion movement, streetwear is now considered as being chic. And this is due to the advent of social media influencers, platforms such as Tumblr and VSCO and fashion designers such as Supreme and Off-White.

In Ghana, streetwear design brands such as FreeTheYouth and Daniks Peters are holding the totem high both home and abroad.

While, streetwear may be viewed as a lawless form of fashion there are some ‘conventions’ that apply when pulling off a great look. We gathered 5 easy streetwear fashion hacks.

Here are 5 easy Streetwear fashion hacks that usually fly under the radar

1. Wear Oversized Vintage T-Shirts

If you’re looking to pull off that blasé look then an oversized T-shirt with a graphic print is a good option. Add that with tattered at the knee denims and that is a streetwear serve right there.

Do not wear fitted graphic Tees. They defeat the purpose. Rather replace them with neutral-coloured tank or spaghetti tops if need be.

2. Wear unconventional belts

Replace your simple leather belt with an army fabric or industrial belt. It will give your outfit way more character. Do not shy away from colourful belts. It adds more razzle dazzle to the look.

3. Wear cargo pants


In varying colours too. Yes, cargo pants are almost synonymous to the streetwear aesthetic. Instead of plain slim fit joggers try cargo pants instead. The more pockets the better.

4. Crocs are acceptable footwear


Simply because apart from the fact that they look good, they feel good.

5. Don’t be shy to experiment with thigh-high boots


Why should you even be shy? Go against the norm. Wear those latex or leather boots and be the kink that gets eyes wide open.





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