Class of 2020: Check out Ghana’s top 15 photographers.


The world’s first photograph—or at least the oldest surviving photo—was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827. 

Since then, there have been many different photographers of totally different origins and a major advancement in the quality of cameras and lenses used.

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Ghanaian photographers have overcome many obstacles since time immemorial considering that photography was given much attention back in the day.

“Ophotoo” as we used to call them has now become a derogatory term especially since they are constantly learning, bettering their craft and building conglomerates.

They may not have the word to tell you their story but they definitely compensate for it with the striking images they capture

These are Ghana’s top 15 photographers for the year 2020.


Edward Kusi known as Opeimu is a photographer in Ghana who is known for his breathtaking pictures. He went from taking his photos on a Samsung Note 3 to buying his first camera with his savings. Now, Opeimu is one of the recognized names in photography here in Ghana.

Jema Photography

Jema Studios is a photography and videography company established in 2012 based in Ghana. Their combination of creative minds, daring imaginations and state of the art equipment is what helps them to produce great still and motion pictures and create illustrious storytelling images.

Bob Pixel

Emmanuel Bobbie commonly known as Bob Pixel is a Ghanaian photographer who specializes in commercial/documentary photography and advertisement. He is well known for how much of a story his photos tell.

Yaw Pare

Yaw Pare is a photographer who was motivated by the lack of  meaningful  images  that  came  out  of Ghana looking at how people from the Western world think we live in huts. He single-handedly helped elevate Ghana’s  tourism  scene,  creating  beautiful  representations of  Ghana’s  must  travel to destinations. 

Apag Studios

Apag Studios, headed by Apagnawen Annankra is a group of competent photographers and videographers who specialise in commercials, documentaries and weddings.

Michael Aboya

Winner of Agora Best Photograph in 2019, Michael Aboya continues to give us timeless photos and show us how beautiful our melanin is.

Focus N Blur

“Focus on the dream, Blur the Obstacle”- PKDCB.

The above words were the guiding mantra that helped award-winning Ghanaian wedding photographer, PKDCB to quit his job as a graphic designer to start Focusnblur pictures and Focus Films, the videography arm of the multimedia company. His extraordinary photos are what have sent the name focus N Blur all over Ghana and worldwide.

Sorce Photography

Located in Dzorwulu (Accra, Ghana) and providing services all over the world, Sorce Photography prides itself in capturing the most captivating moments of one’s life since its inception in 2013. As a team, they aspire to and create thrilling, unforgettable moments coupled with impeccable service.

Carlos Idun-Tawiah

Carlos Idun-Tawiah is a Ghanaian photojournalist and filmmaker whose works have seen the pages of Vogue, Essence and InStyle.With his camera, he seeks to change the wrong perceptions about Ghanaian and African history, heritage and reality.

Ghog Photography

A team of ardent and highly skilled photographers based in Ghana with a strong love for Light, details and candid moments. They pride in their ability to capture fleeting yet precious moments as they unfold at events and tell stories.

Prince Gyasi

Despite Gyasi or Jyesi not fully accepting the photographer tag, he continues to churn out some of the best images from Ghana. The creative artist through his work and experiences is putting Ghana solidly on the map with his International gigs.

Twins Dnt Beg

Presidential photographers, Emmanuel and Samual Appiah Gyan begun as bloggers and transformed into fully fledged event photographers capturing Ghanaian politics, celebrities, life and models.

Babies By Bazaal

When Babies By Bazaal C.E.O isn’t shooting sleepy babies or pregnant mothers, she’s arguing a landmark case in court as a lawyer. Her work has warmed the way into the hearts of many Ghanaians on and off social media.

Sharon O Photography

Sharon O’s work in the fashion, beauty, and editorial fields is taking her places beyond the shores of Ghana. Her stunning and whimsical images have found a home in the glossy pages of magazines and on billboards around the world.

Josh Sisly

Josh Sisly has captured the beauty and retouching market with his in-depth skill. He’s a top photographer for several brands all over Ghana and we must mention that he has dope style too.



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