COVID-19: These 8 Ghanaian foods are good for your immune system

The world as we know it as been attacked by the novel Corona Virus which has seen people lose their lives, thousands of infected patients, few recoveries and countries shut down to prevent the spread.

Whiles the world’s scientists and governments work around the clock to find a permanent cure to the disease which has affected over 200 countries including Ghana, you need to able to boost your immune system and stay healthy


Statistics show that those with weaker immune systems or underlying health conditions were at high risk of dying after acquiring the Corona Virus. Your diet can also play a major role in your survival and whiles these foods may not be the cure to the virus it is a great immune booster.


Fortunately for Ghanaians, most of the food we eat contains nutrients that help the immune system.

Check out the 8 Ghanaian foods that can help your body fight diseases during the coronavirus pandemic

Koko or Porridge and Bofrot

Maize, millet and sorghum belong to the grains family which are essential sources of nutrients including fibre, Vitamin B and minerals. The Bofrot or puff which is also made up of flour, a product of the grain family also helps your body

Nkontomire Stew and Plantain

Ayewamu By Jane

Spinach or Cocoyam leaves are the main ingredients in making nkontomire or palaver sauce. These are members of the vegetable family which have nutrients such as fibre, vitamins and minerals. They help to improve your general health and well being. Plantains are fortified with iron which helps your blood and fights anaemia.



Ghanaians are mocked by our other African counterparts for our insatiable love for eggs. Guess who is laughing to the bank now?? Yes… The Ghanaians!!! Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, amino acids, protein and healthy fats.  Health experts say Vitamin D is able to alter the way your white blood cells work and is potent in fighting the spread of viruses and bacteria in your body.

Light Soup

Light soup; the Ghanaian version of pepper soup is a healthy way of curing the flu. It’s made with tomatoes, dry fish, pepper and other spices. It’s also potent for curing stomach ailments and helps in hydrating the body.

Jollof Rice and Chicken


Any variation of Jollof rice whether Ghanaian or Nigerian will help boost your immune system. Rice is categorized in the grain family which helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Imagine enjoying all that goodness and building your body against disease.

Gari and Beans (Gob3 or Red Red)

Beans are a major pillar of the Legume family which contains healthy nutrients for the body. Beans a.k.a Gob3 is packed with Zinc which helps your immune system grow according to scientific research.


Waakye which is a combination of rice and beans which are sources of prebiotics help improve your immune system by boosting the health of the microbe. The salad which is made of vegetables are also vital for your body.

Freshly squeezed orange juice and bread

This food combination might not be originally Ghanaian, however, you can obtain oranges from your local market and bread from the bakery. Orange is your source for Vitamin C, which has been encouraged by the WHO organisation as part of measures to keep your body from contacting the Corona Virus alongside washing of hands, wearing of a nose mask, social distancing and quarantine. Wheat bread, in particular, is rich in calcium which is needed to maintain healthy teeth and bones.





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