Social Distancing: 15 things we recommend you do whiles staying at home during the shutdown

We are living not in ordinary times as the Corona Virus ravages the world and several nations in Africa.

As a lot of schools, offices and religious institutions have been forced to shut down to mitigate the spread of the virus, people have no option than to stay home.


Even for introverts, these are some hard times and people are bored to death.

Whiles a lot of Millenials and General Z’s are using the next few weeks to acquire new skills, get in shape, be productive or watch Youtube videos, a lot of others have not yet decided what they’ll be doing.


So we put together this list of 15 things you could do whiles you stay away from your favourite hobbies and we hope you come out of all of this, smarter, fresher and better.

Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Catch up on your podcast

We know and we understand that life comes at you so fast and you’ve not had time to listen to your favourite podcasts. Social isolation and self quarantining only mean one thing; podcast season. We personally have a few on our list like “The Growing Over Life Podcast”, How I Built This on NPR, Everything is Alive, TED Talk, Mensa Otabil, Unartiste and Pastor Steven Furtick.

Check out your email and unsubscribe to notifications


You finally have so much time you can respond to all your emails from 2 years back or unsubscribe from all the annoying notifications that pop up in your inbox. You never know what big deal or university admission letter that is lying in your inbox.

Listen to new music and full albums

This is a great time to listen to new music and explore new genres. You might hit gold like the world did when the bumped into Burna Boy under the ‘Ye’ category thanks to Kanye West. You should also listen to full albums and appreciate the body of work of global artists. Prepare to be swept off your feet

Learn Tiktok

If you’re social distancing in any part of the world as the world grasps with the spread of the COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus, we suggest you download Tik Tok. For most people who don’t know the app, it’s a video app that allows you to record 15 to 30-second skits, dance or whatever you love to do. Just like Instagram, you can follow and be followed. TikTok is the new trend and has shot so many people into stardom. This is the right time to join the fun.

Delete + organize photos on the phone

A lot of people including me have so many photos on our phone. Whiles some are important like the screenshot you’re keeping as proof that your boo is cheating or memories that are dear to your heart. You will do your phone a lot of good if you deleted all the unsolicited pictures from your Whatsapp group or your ex. It’s time to organize your media gallery.

Light the good candles


Candles are so therapeutic and the scented ones are such a mood booster. It’s literally on top of the Self Care list. Whiles you self-isolate, try and light the good ones and give you self the love you deserve

Rearrange your room

Credit: Elle Decor

Don’t scroll away. Yes!! I’m talking to you. Your room is in a mess right now. You have a lot of time to rearrange your room and make it a haven for your soul. Take the television out, rearrange the wardrobe, change the curtains, take out the cobwebs and clean the lamp. Your bedroom should be a place for rest and sleep, if you do it right, you can help kick that insomnia out of your life for good.

Leave a review or comment on a product online

We are not asking you to be mischievous or leave nasty reviews under the page of that restaurant that served you cold food. But its time you shared your experiences with products, places and brands online. Be respectful and speak the truth. Praise where is due and reprimand when it matters. Better still encourage them to improve on areas they’re lagging behind.

Binge-watch your favourite movies and series

Do the Netflix and chill with your self as you isolate. Rewatch old movies and series, catch up on new ones and watch at least a documentary on any topic.


Exercise and Meditate

A lot of people might come out of this season with a few pounds or a flappy arm and you don’t want that to be you. Currently, people are challenging their friends to do #FitnessChallenge on social media. You might not be keen on capturing your fitness routine for an online audience but you still have to exercise and stay healthy. Chances are that you are panicking or worrying about the next few weeks but you don’t have to. Take care of your mind by meditating and finding time for yourself. Your mental health is a top priority right now.


Play game online with friends

Online games are reported to have seen a sharp increase over the past week and it’s a good time to play games with your friends to reduce the risk of going out or boredom. Spanish Football League ‘La Liga’ announced that it was launching an online league featuring 20 clubs. Online gamers are being recruited to play alongside professional football players on Playstation and Xbox.

Redo your budget

Understand that the shutdown, lockdown or any type of curfew will affect your finances. This is the best time to redo your budget and cut out certain expenditure.

Learn something new

Learn something new like a recipe, photography, art, how to do you makeup, origami, how to change a car tire or learn a new language. We need you to come out of this pandemic with new ideas and knowledge.

Read a book

We can say this enough, you have to read. Read books on tax, politics, law, romance, health or even on the Corona Virus, you could help the world find a cure.

Catch up with family and friends via video instead of texting

If you are not with family during these times, it may be really tough and it applies to your friends as well. Catch up via video call, facetime or skype, it’ll be great to bond with the help of technology.





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