When Will Life Be Fun Again? 7 Signs to look out for before you resume activities after the shutdown.


Rashad McCrorey shares 7 signs to look out for to know when it’s safe to resume social activities.

Are you one of the billions of people around the world wondering when will life return to normal?

Whether you are travelling to your local market, across the country or around the world, due to government mandate or personal fears, travelling and social interaction are at an all-time low.

People are growing restless as countries have forced people to stay indoors, others had their favourite gathering spots shut down, while others have self end forced restrictions because of the fear of being around anyone who coughs or sneezes.

If you are indeed one of the many individuals around the world anxiously awaiting for the green like to start travelling again, here are 7 signs to look out for.

I’ve listed these signs in the chronological order I believe they will happen so you can choose the place you feel most comfortable to jump in.

1. Tourists Attractions Re-Open 

Since most tourist attractions are government-operated, the reopening of tourist attractions is in a way an announcement by the government that once again public gatherings and traveling is perceived to be safe. An official public announcement is one thing, but once you truly have the option to return to your favorite beach, museum, park, or recreational outlets, it is safe to assume you can travel safely again.

2. The Re-Opening of International Borders

Aflao border, circa 1974.
Photo by Mike Swaine.

Though some may beg to differ, government officials number one responsibility is the well being of their citizens. COVID-19 is a contagious virus that many countries originally contracted via travelers from outside regions. Government officials deciding to re-open their boarders to outsiders is a safe sign that it is safe to travel.

3. Airlines Resume Normal Traveling Scheduling

It’s one thing for airports and airlines to gradually allow flights to go in and out of the country, it’s another thing for airlines as a whole to go back to routine flights both internationally and domestically. When you start receiving notifications from airlines that flights are regularly flying again, then you know it’s safe to travel.

4. An Infinite Number of Social Activities Being Promoted and Advertised

The significant influx of travel promotions, and invites to social activities including parties, bars and restaurants will be a clear sign it is safe to travel again. Many businesses based on social interactions are suffering and the owners are chomping at the bit to get back to business as soon as possible. Once the government gives people the go-ahead to go back to business trust me the consumer, that means you, will be the first to know.

5. News Coverage 

You will know it’s safe to travel again when local and national news isn’t dominated by Corona Virus talk. Everytime you turn on the television it’s Corona virus this COVID-19 that. When news goes back to normal life, (crime, sports, celebrity drama and politics) you will know it’s safe to travel again.

6. Daily Life and Routines Resumes 

Photo by William F. Campbell/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Social cues to look out for include; streets are busy again, traffic jams at predictable times, public transportation back to being overcrowded, and society as a whole stops practicing social distancing. These will all be signs it is safe to start traveling again.

7. Other People Traveling 

When you start seeing other people travel again. Once people start posting their pictures on social media of new and recent travel experiences many will know its safe to travel again. People have FOMO fear of missing out. Ones people start seeing other people enjoying life and things going back to normal they in turn will give social activities a try again. But beware those people probably acted fast and got good sales prices on their experience, wait too long and you might miss out on a good sale or two!

Bonus- The Stock Market 

Once the stock market for airline and travel affiliates go back up, and the stock for online streaming services, cleaning products, and in-home activity items go down you can have an idea that people are going out again. Watching the market is usually a good indicator of social trends.

There you have it, keep an eye out for these 7 signs to know when it’s safe to start travelling again.

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